Thursday, December 12, 2013

That's Right !!!!!!!!!!!

I am gonna head to the hills! You waited all day and night to find out what my big plans are for next year and now you know. I can't spill all the beans but I am in the process of acquiring another car, one that gets over 30 miles to the gallon. Once this has been done I plan to start making more trips to the hills.

I seem to have the most fun when that is my destination, so why not use my time more wisely. I own all the camping gear anyone could ever need and after using all of it I have come to find that you really don't need all of it. Unless the wife comes along. But when she does the camper comes anyway, she's done with the camping on the ground thing. It ain't happening any more.

But I can! With a car that will get 30 plus and a tent, that's all you need. I have come to find that when it's just me and the guys I can get by with very little! I don't need all the extras, a chair and a sleeping bag with the tent and I am good to go. So why not spend more time in the hills. There are so many miles of trail it's not even funny! Miles I haven't seen!

For what I pay in entry fee's I can go about twice a month. There ya go, that's my plan, I will probably still ride a few events just like I did this year but I am not gonna do any series or any weekly type deals just the one off races and several trips to the hills.

It's gonna be a good year! I know that all ready because I have already made my mind up. The last few years I have even gotten a little stressed out trying to decide what I wanted to do with the coming year and then I didn't even make any races to begin with. So this year my new plan is to just enjoy what comes and ride my bike.

Sounds like a great plan to me............

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