Friday, November 8, 2013

Try It Again ,,,,,,,,,,,

So last week I noticed my front chain ring had started to slip. It's worn out, time to change it. Of course me being kinda lazy I just kept riding it. That got me through last weekend and I thought it would get me through last night. Guess what it didn't. I damn near killed myself! It was slipping so bad I couldn't even ride it in the middle ring.

That screwed me up! I couldn't get my rhythm going at all. I ended up bailing out at the first place it was convenient. I then went home and raided the parts bin for a replacement. Now we are ready to try it again. Not sure where I plan to ride yet but it's the weekend so something is gonna happen. 

Again, we don't have any plans beyond making Cody happy this weekend. It's his 18th birthday!!! We have a custom cake coming home today and the grandma's coming over tomorrow afternoon. It's gonna be low key but at least he's gonna get a party and a good meal. Cody's pretty laid back it doesn't take much to make him happy. I am gonna take him to get his motorcycle permit next week.

He's all happy about that. I still have my test ride in the morning and then we have his deal tomorrow afternoon. We do have to wait for him to get home. He has an MRI scheduled for his knee tomorrow at 2:30. Keep your fingers crossed! He might have another torn ACL.

Not good!!!!!!

Have a nice weekend............

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