Thursday, June 30, 2011


Followed by Friday, if you can make it through Wednesday you have Thursday covered. Just knowing the week is about done makes the day. I know I talk about the end of the week every week, but hey I work to live, not live to work. Gotta pay the people!!!

So not a big weekend planned, have family coming in and going to see fireworks. My favorite little chicken farming 4 year old Wriston is coming to visit. he can't wait to see his cousin Chase. He plans on swimming and hanging out at the house. Usually what he wants he gets! We haven't seen him since Christmas.

Went riding again last night and had a good ride. Tonight I am going to hit the road about 9 with the kid, yep a night road ride. We haven't done that in awhile, should be fun! Cody has found a new website for junior road racing Carolina's Cycling Association. We have our first criterium in 2 weeks.

I don't really care to road race but if that's what the kid wants to do we are going to try it. His friend Austin races them and Cody wants to try it. Should be exciting, I will get some good camera time and maybe I might figure out how to take action shots.

I even started reading the owners manual for the camera I have, trying to step up my shot quality. Time will tell. These shots are from the crit in downtown Concord last year maybe I will get better, who knows.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


No direction today, just follow my lead. I got these shots around the house and thought you might like them. First we have my wife in her yard kicking boots! You gotta love a chick who will go out in public wearing these things.

Next we have a camper that caught my eye the other day, I was at Camping World in Statesville. This is the first camper/pop-up I have ever seen. I went inside of it and climbed the stairs , it was pretty neat inside. Up in the top you have a couch that makes a bed and you can look around and check out things.

Now we are to the kid making his new chicken/turkey pen. He won't clean his room but he has been working on these bird pens like he was getting a check out of it. Damn kids!!!!!!

Next we have a shot of a feed mill I used to deliver too. When I was trucking this was the place I delivered my very first load too. I went by it on my way home from Statesville.

In closing today I will leave you with a sunset photo I got across the backyard the other day......  

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Already Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Had a great time in the mountains! The weather could not have been any better. We had highs in the low 80's and low 60's at night. I had to turn the heater on early am Sunday morning. I like the campground we have been going to lately. It is really clean and quite, makes for a nice trip.

Karen had a good nap Saturday afternoon while we went riding. Sally and Glen came up and stayed right behind us. That worked out well, the kids had a great time with the camp fire and having company right there with us.

I didn't take any pictures this time, I have to start working on that. The places we have been going are really beautiful. I need to make sure I get the kids in these shots. They had a good time riding, it was Chase's first ride in the mountains and I wasn't sure how that would work out. Why did I worry, I don't know he did great I was really proud of him. he stayed right there with us and had a great time.

So this weekend is the 4th of July and we have family coming in so all we can do is head to Uhwarrie, our private camp site. We are going right after work Friday and coming home Saturday. Just another night in the woods. Don't worry I will take my camera in case we see Bigfoot.....

Oh yea, I will have a total of 3 turkeys running around the yard by the time I get home today....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting Ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Friday again and we are heading out of town to Asheville. I know I have talked about it a few times this week but what the heck, I haven't raced this year so I have been talking about everything. The camper is my latest and greatest new toy and I like using it. I am going to push hard for a trip back to Uhwarrie next weekend . I will keep you posted.

Last night I got a new grill for the camper, stainless steel. The top of the line, it is a birthday present for myself. Yea I haven't mentioned it this week but I did have a birthday on Wednesday. I am now 43 years young! I am still waiting to grow up, maybe that will happen next year. Probably won't but we can wait and see. Back to the grill, we needed one for camping so why not get a nice one.

Now to the bicycles! You buy a brand new bike and get new brakes. What do we do, we take off the new brakes and buy carbon brakes! Why you ask, because I am a sucker. When it comes to my kids I take care of them. Chase got a new video game this week that he sure didn't need and Cody got new brakes that he sure didn't need!

They look good though! The cool factor is off the charts on these.........................Yes I spent my birthday money on the game and the brakes......

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have mine in order do you? I ride around every day of the week in a 1000 dollar truck, it needs shocks and tires but the air condition works great! In that truck I regularly haul bicycles of 2-3 times that value. Now that is how you keep your priorities in order!!!!! Notice the door in the bottom picture, it is not shut all the way. You have to slam it to make it shut, sometimes it still won't shut........LOL.........

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Going Again.....................

Can't stay long, got to go. I bought this camper to use and by goodness that's the plan! I have made reservations for Lake Powhatan Campground up in Asheville. Same place Cody and I went a few weeks ago. Time to climb some hills again, yes pain and suffering are fun.

Speaking of pain, how about a pain in the ass! It has taken BMC bicycles a week to send a new seat post for Cody's new bike. The one that we brought home and took right back. At least now he can get going and ride. He wants to take it to the mountains this weekend and road ride.

How about this, you don't see this everyday. On the way home I stopped at a store, looked up and saw this crane with a guy on the end of it. By the time I got my camera out I missed him, he was already in the top of the "tree" cell phone tower.

Now to finish this post I was playing with my high dollar camera last night, the one I am to stupid to operate! I was playing with the time exposure and got these shots as a storm was coming. That's my new goal, learn to operate it...................

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Turkey Time........

As I mentioned a few posts back we are now the owners of a turkey. Tom the turkey, he is presently staying in our garage. His new house is still under construction. As I said before I am a sucker! If I wasn't we would not have a turkey in our garage.

with a duck for a companion
He is a little fellow at the moment, soon to be big. As you can see the pictures of Karen holding him he isn't that big yet. But when he gets bigger he will be huge, they grow to be very large.

As you can see he likes to be held. He will sit around and chirp if he can here you. Then you pick him up and he goes to sleep. He likes to follow you around the yard if you put him on the ground. Oh well, we have Thanksgiving covered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just kidding......................

Monday, June 20, 2011


Yep it's Monday and I am back at work. I was going to take the day off since I have a birthday this week but decided to save the day. I usually take my birthday off but I need to save the day, I might need it before the end of the year. I would rather be paid when I take off so it will get used at a later date. Besides Wednesday is the day and it is in the middle of the week this year, that sucks. Next year it will be on a Thursday so I will take two days off to make up for this year.

Enough about that, spent Saturday in the pool and hanging out at the house. Loaded up the truck about 5 after all the storms came thru and headed to Uhwarrie again. The kids stayed at home and grandma came and stayed with them for the night. I love my new camper!

So we get to our new super secret hiding place in the woods and set up for the night. I would tell ya where I am going but then I might run into you over there and I sure don't want that to happen. It costs nothing and you get nothing for nothing! No services and an outhouse for a bathroom.

one way in

one way out
That is why I love my camper, we drive about 2 miles down down into the woods and find a spot we like and set up. We got down there about 8pm, Karen sets up the inside and I roll out the carpet and set up outside. We had a bottle of wine and just chilled out and listened to the forest talking.

As you can see we have lights and a sink with water and air condition. It don't get any better than that. I like the contrast in this photo it was getting dark and Karen had the lights on inside. It actually got cold Saturday night. I had to get up and turn the heater on. That was nice, it made it toasty warm inside and I went right back to sleep.

I want to thank our friends at the National Forest Service for making this place available for use. When we got there Saturday night we saw a couple headed down the road with all their stuff on their bicycles. They went way up in the forest for the night! That is pretty cool!! I want to do that at some point, Cody would go with me but if I want to take the wife it will be in the mighty Flagstaff!!!!!!!!!!!!

yes it gets dark in the woods............

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday........Thank Goodness.......

Yep it's Friday and I am glad. We are headed camping again this weekend and I am excited. Taking the camper with the new generator over to Uhwarie. Gonna ride bicycles and cookout that's about it. Kids want a camp fire and Karen has a good book.

How about this on the way to work this morning I got these shots from the side of the road. A wild turkey in the middle of a field. Now this might not be that big of deal but it definitely was a coincidence. Why you ask? Because we got our new pet turkey last night! Yep, Cody now has a pet turkey. Why you ask, because I am a sucker. Stay tuned for the Monday post I will have a full report.......

Thursday, June 16, 2011

New Broke Bike...........

Yep, I said BROKE........ Cody got his new road bike, sweet BMC, my dream bike. I brought it home and we got ready and hit the road. Then the fun was over, that fast it turned into disappointment. You go get a high end bike and come home ready to ride and no luck. Yes it will be fixed in 2 days and things like this happen. I just hate when it happens!

The seat post broke! The bike has an integrated seat post with the clamp mechanism inside the post. That means it has no seat post clamp. Sometimes I like the old dependable. The connecting rod inside the post is made of carbon fiber. It broke , the repair kit comes with an aluminum rod.

So if the repair kit comes with the other rod that would probably tell you the carbon doesn't work! So why do the new bikes still come with the carbon.

OK, I am done complaining now. It will be fixed in a day or two and we will be able to ride and all will be well. He is still excited and it looks good with him on it. Like I said it would be my dream bike. Carbon frame and fork shimano 105 components DT Swiss wheels compact crank with a tall rear cassette. Carbon seat post bars and stem! That is one happy kid, smiling in this picture. Makes it all worth while!!!!!!!  

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Ok, I may be a little late but here we go. Friday was the day, our elementary school career is officially over! That sucks, I am kinda sad about it. As I have said these last few years I have always taken Chase and Karen has always taken Cody. Now I am out of the loop.
calm before the storm

This was a shot of the boy walking in with the rest of them and taking his seat. He left the house with his shirt tucked in! Fussing the whole time, I guess he won. We got there and his shirt was not tucked in anymore. LOL... He was ear to ear smiles about that. Made me laugh too!!!!

getting his papers!!!!!!
mom getting his papers!
So we sat there for about 2 hours and he got served his papers. Then they did what they call the last walk. They take all the kids and the parents line the halls then, they walk up and down all the halls in the school.

It is pretty neat to see them all doing the last walk. The place was packed and all the other kids come out of their classes to see them walk by. Makes them feel pretty special, he was all smiles when he finally came by us.

Then we went to his class and said good bye to his teacher. He really liked his teacher this year, he will miss her next year.

Next we hit the hallway to checkout his hand print. Every year they let the fifth graders do a hand print on the wall, they leave it up until they graduate high school! That's kinda neat I thought, Cody (my oldest) still has his on another wall. Then after that we did the pictures at the front of the school and went for lunch.

Karen Chase and I

grandma Ann and grandma Sandy
School is over for now and summer has started................... 

Monday, June 13, 2011


I forgot my camera today so I have no pictures of Chase's graduation. Tomorrow I will post up a full review! I will tell yea I am kinda sad elementary is over. Now I am out of the loop as far as getting the kids to school, I am gonna miss my time in the morning with my boy.

So check back tomorrow and I will have you a good post............

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have feeling you know! They have been hurting here lately. So you know what, I have been going to therapy again. I thought I was finally over the hump, but now I have come to the realization. I need therapy, lots of it!

Last night went for a nice long session, I feel better too. Saturday I am going for an all day session. That should finally have me back in sink with the stars and moon. Then I will just keep up my 2-3 sessions a week and I think I will be alright. I got kinda slack here lately and started skipping some of the session's and it has shown. The feeling's in my legs have been killing me!!!!!!

Yep, rode my bike for 2 hours last night and heading to the mountains for an all day ride Saturday! You know what my feeling's are feeling better already. If I don't get on my bike at least 2-3 times a week I fall apart! Some people like to hunt and fish, some like to play golf. I need seat time on my bikes. I get grumpy and irretable, basically I just turn into a sorry person.

Hope this made you laugh anyway, you thought I was mentally ill, well maybe just a little. The only difference between me and most people is the fact that I admit I ain't right............Later..........

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

STOP SIGNS...........

Why the heck can't people read anymore? That has got to be the reason! Or maybe they are color blind, but then again the shape ought to give it away. Oh well that just bugs me. If you pay attention on the way home you will see what I am talking about. Nobody bothers to stop anymore, they think a rolling stop is totally OK. Guess what it ain't.

I don't remember ever reading in the driving hand book that a rolling stop was OK. As I have mentioned before I drive an older S-10 Chevy truck with a 4-cylinder engine. It ain't fast and it takes awhile to get up to speed. People act like I am keeping them from getting where they are going, they can't stand to follow me. Am I the only one left in the world who leaves the house on time to make it where I am going?

Oh well have a great day, until tomorrow..........Stop when ya see the sign...... 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Part Time Job................

Ever been to the the grocery store. I know you have, but damn, I need a part time jog to deal with it! What am I talking about? Groceries, we hit the grocery store last night and went broke! 200 bucks doesn't go very far, 1 buggy slam full and that was it. Only 2 pounds of ground beef. No other meat at all.

I want to cook steaks this weekend on the grill but I have to wait till i get paid before I can afford that! I still need gas to get to work this week! I need charcoal and lighter fluid to make it happen. That's 10 by it's self, oh well there is always food stamps!

Maybe I need to apply for aid, seems to work for other people! I go to work everyday and pay taxes and try to be productive. But no relief, what the hell. Can't wait to vote again!!!!!!!!

Oh well, I feel better now I had breakfast. LOL.............Anyhow just a little food for thought. I will send ya a bill for reading this, since it is "food for thought" you got to pay up..............

Monday Blues.........

I wish mondays were a continuation of Sundays. I know I have to go to work at the beginning of every week but could we at least make the start of the week on Tuesday, I would like that a lot better. Saturday was pretty uneventfull, Karen went to breakfast with her friends and then shopping with my mom. The kids and I stayed around the house and did about nothing. I cleaned the pool and they played, that was about it.

Cody rode the dirt bike and made a few more jumps across the driveway and Chase and I got in the pool for quite awhile. Actually we were in the pool to long , he got a little to much sun for his fair skin. I kinda felt bad after he got out I should have put sunblock on him. I will have to do better next time. At the rate the kids are going I will have no grass by the end of summer.

I have a trail going up one side of the drive with a jump beside the garage and now we have about 3 jumps over the driveway. At the turn of the driveway I have a big bare spot from all the run and gun they do up the side of the drive. Oh well who cares, I don't; as I have said before when they grow up and move I will have plenty of grass. Big deal, I hate grass and mowing grass.

chase is 3rd from right
Before I forget we had Chase's Spring Celebration Friday at the elementary school. I am always glad when it is over but this time I was kinda sad. This Friday will be his last day in elementary school, he is growing up fast. Now he is going to middle school. That flew by with Cody so I know it will be fast with Chase also.

By the way when it is hot a pool will wear you out I was completely worn out Saturday evening and did nothing but swim and hang out with the kids. 

Sunday rolled around and Cody and I got out early and headed to Uhwarrie National Forest to do some mtn. biking. It is one of the tougher options we have around this area and it didn't let us down. We had a good time and got about 20miles of riding in. Cody was running a little temperature that slowed him down a little bit but overall we had fun. It was hot and the spider webs where thick but oh well that's part of it. We rode a few new trails that were pretty technical but I liked them. Cody missed a turn once and ended up on his ass but he recovered.

I got a few good pictures while we where there, they cut a new trail in a while back , it was sweet. We rode it a few times it's not very long, maybe 1.6 miles but worth a couple of rides. After we rode it we headed up the fire road and made a loop back around to the tight stuff. They have been logging the mountain again so some of the trails are messed up but we enjoy the place.

After we got around the logging road we got back into the regular trails. We stopped at this creek bottom and I got these shots. In the early spring this creek is usually a foot deep! Right now it is a couple of inches deep and that's it!. Not a drop of water coming of the mountain.

From the creek bottom starts the longest climb out there. You go up this trail and climb for about a mile on some steep stuff. You end up back in the parking lot sucking wind!

Last on the way home we say this on the side of the road and had to stop and take a picture. It is a custom 650 Yamaha bobber. Cody liked it but this thing would kick your butt. A solid rear end, no shocks!