Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekends ,,,,,

That's what I live for! Got the car loaded and ready for a quick lap after work and then we are going out for a few drinks with some friends tonight, then I have all weekend to ride. Not sure where I plan to go but I am looking forward to it.

This is week 2 we have an away game. So the kid has no mascot duties and we aren't going to Anson County for the game so it's a free night. Next week we will be back in action! We do have senior night Monday and the final soccer game on Thursday. As much as I hate it Cody will be done. He might still do track in the spring but that will be it. High school sports will be over!

Now if I could just get him back on the bicycle!

I hold out hope but so far no luck. I would love to have the kids back in the woods like they used to. Cody is in the woods but he's hunting not riding. Chase is old enough now he does his own thing. When he was younger all he wanted to do was whatever his brother was doing, he's over that! They grow up!

Sometimes faster than you want! I miss Cody being 10 years old. I wish they both could stay small.

Anyhow if you haven't noticed October is almost over, I used to look forward to it just because we went trick-or-treating. Now my kids both think they are to old to go. I always dressed up with them and planned to this year. But I can't get either one interested. Chase just asked if we would buy some candy he would be happy.

What the hell.... This growing up sucks!

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