Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday's Rest Day ,,,,,,,,,,

If you don't need to go to bed early on Monday you just wasted a weekend. I say that all the time and I mean it. Saturday I did 40 on the road and then went to the golf course with the wife and did a walk. Sunday rolled around and I had Cody dump me off down in Polkton and I made my way back to the house.

That ride was 47 and tough! I started in Polkton and then went to Ansonville. From there I went toward Aquadale and then made a turn for the house. Through Oakboro and New Salem and I was back at the house. 3 hours and 2100 ft of climbing. I think the majority of the climbing was all in the last 15 miles, that made for a good ride.

Tonight will be 2 laps at the golf course and then back on the bike tomorrow. I am still averaging around 130 to 140 a week and plan to stay there. I like the amount I am riding and the next time I go to the mountains it will be fun. I was telling the kid just the other day I couldn't wait to get back up there.

Right now we are working on the beach trip plans, then next will be a few fall mountain trips. I am still giving ORAMM a few thoughts but haven't made my mind up yet. I hate to do all this riding and then not put it to use. That's coming up the end of July. So we'll see what happens between now and then.

Friday, June 27, 2014


The weather stayed righteous and I made a loop! I hadn't ridden since Sunday and I must have needed that. It's funny how sometimes you need a break and just don't realize it. My legs must have been tired because last night I felt strong. I didn't really have a monster average speed but I could tell I was moving along better than Sunday.

I ended up taking a little longer route than I planned but that was OK.  It seemed every time I turned a corner I would find another bridge out. This must be the summer for bridge repair in Union County NC. I found 3 road closed signs last night and had to turn around each time.

I had to turn around each time because I am hard headed! Of course I went around the sign and just had to see for myself. Sometimes you get lucky and can still ride through the construction equipment, last night I never could. Live and learn, now I know.

Tonight we rest and then ride tomorrow............ I love the weekend......

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Try Again,,,,,,,,,,

I had intentions of riding my road bike last night but as I was heading home I knew it wasn't gonna work out. I could see the storm in my rear view mirror following me home! Knowing it was coming I knew I wasn't gonna get to ride so I got out the mower and tried to get the yard mowed.

I made about 4 passes before it was raining and then I had to wait! Once it stopped I let it dry for a few minutes and then finished up. No ride but at least the yard is done.

Now tonight I hope to get the ride in. After looking at Strava and seeing my weekly average of at least a hundred plus miles a week I don't think it's gonna kill me to miss a few extra miles this week. It might do me some good!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

OK, Maybe Today ,,,,,,,,,

That was my motto last night. It looked like it might rain at any moment and just didn't feel like riding in the rain. Actually I didn't feel like riding and hiding in someone's carport. Remember I washed my bike the other day, plus last week I rode on Wednesday and Thursday followed by Saturday and Sunday. That seemed to work out well so I am trying to repeat it again.

It might work it might not. The weather looks the same for the rest of the week, every afternoon rain showers. Plus I will need to mow somewhere in that period. Damn yard! I did go walking the dog last night. I figured I could make a dash for the truck if it started raining.

Guess what it didn't start raining till about 8 last night! I could have been home by then and my bike would have still been clean. Watch, tonight I will take off under the same circumstances and I will get soaked! That's just the way life works. Besides I won't melt and I can always wash my bike again.

Back to walking the dog, as I have said before I have been going to Monroe Country Club and walking around the nature trail. 2 laps is right at 3 miles, perfect for a good walk. While I walk I get to see the golf course. Before I started racing and riding the bikes again I spent 3 or 4 years golfing every chance I got. I was addicted to it and played all the time. Then one day I got tired of standing around and waiting

You see in Europe where they hardly have any golf carts, they walk golf courses. Just like you did when the game was invented! We lazy fat ass Americans invented the golf cart. But over on the other side of the big puddle people walk golf courses and can still play a game in about two and half hours!

On this side of the pond we ride golf carts and it takes almost 5 hours to play. Just about any course in the country will take you that long if you show up during the prime tee times. That's why I stopped playing and lost interest! I got tired of standing around behind a group of drunks who think they are a lot better than they where.

Lately though, going to the course and seeing how good it looks and how empty it is during the evening I find myself thinking about playing around. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It Worked !!!!!!!

I was talking about my computer not working yesterday and one of my loyal readers called to tell me to put it in a bag of rice. I did and checked it out this morning and found it was working again!

                            Thanks mom!

Now if the weather holds off tonight I ride..........

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Regular,,,,,,,,

Last Wednesday I had the flat, I came home and dug a tire out of the back of the garage and hit the road again. On Thursday I took off and did another ride. Friday was a break and then it was back at it for Saturday and Sunday. I put in the mileage but apparently not the effort.

You see I washed my bike Friday evening while I was enjoying a few tasty beverages and I didn't take the computer off before I washed it. I honestly don't think I ever took it off before I washed it anyway. Well this time I should have! It quit working, The cadence sensor is still working but the speed and distance part doesn't work now.

I figured that out Saturday morning when I headed out for a ride. Guess what, I must use it a lot more than I realize! I came home with the slowest average speed I have posted in a long time. I guess I just didn't notice how often I look at it and the effect it has on my speed. Sunday I made an effort to try and ride harder and my average was back where it usually is.

I guess I am gonna give it a few days and see if it dries out. Hopefully it will and I won't have to buy a new one. I need one, that's a fact. I don't use it for the mileage anymore but the speed I need to see. One of these days I need a Garmin that would fix it all.

That was pretty much my weekend, ride and lay around the pool. I did have my birthday yesterday and we cooked out for that and I also got my Blazer back from the shop. I am glad for that, it's been down and out for awhile. I took it to a friend who did the work and we worked it out on a trade we did a while back. The labor was part of the purchase price on something I sold him. That being said he didn't get in a great big hurry to fix it.

Lesson learned! He is a great guy but I won't being doing that again!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life Is Full Of "Firsts" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I guess that's a word, "Firsts", if not I invented a new word today. My "First" occurred last night about 4 miles from my house at the end of a good ride. After I come through downtown Monroe and cross 74 I have a long downhill before a few short climbs and I am home. From 74 to the house is about 4 miles, to close to fix a flat and to far to walk!

I made the call and the kid came and got me. Back to my "First", as I crossed 601 last night I got in full tuck mode and was moving along about 26-28 miles an hour. All of a sudden "boom", the back of the bike starts to come around and I am holding on. It took a few seconds for me to realize what had happened.

Flat tire!! I get things back under control and come to a stop. Make my phone call and wait. While I wait I inspect the tire and find that I couldn't fix it anyway. The whole middle of the tire is completely separated for about 8 inches! I had worn the tire so thin it failed. First time that every happened, at least to me anyway.

So home I went. After a little digging around the garage I found a replacement tire to ride till I get a matching new one so I won't miss any road time. Now for the numbers! Yes it was on my new road bike, the one I got back around Christmas. 3500 miles, that's how far a Schwalbe Logano road tire made it on the rear end. No I don't rotate my tires, some people might but I don't.

So a $60.00 dollar tire went 3500 miles, that's a cost of like 1 cent a mile. I'll take that any day! Besides it made me realize at this pace I am gonna have a high mileage year...........

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Break Time Is Over !!!!!!

So I spent the last few days doing the neglected stuff around the house and laying around in the pool. Now it's time to get back on the bike. As soon as I get home I will be hitting the road tonight. I plan to do my 40 mile loop down to the SC state line.

I like that route, hardly any traffic. Once I clear Monroe I am good to go, even at 5pm. I serviced the bike last night and got it ready to ride so now I am set. I did look at the mountain bike last night maybe that means I am gonna ride it before long.

Like ride it in the mountains! I was looking at the campgrounds just a little while ago. I am feeling the need.......

Monday, June 16, 2014

Break Time !!!!!!!!

So I rode Thursday Friday and Saturday, yesterday I did nothing! Really, I had plans but then I decided the pool needed my attention. It was lonely so I spent the day keeping it company. The wife and I floated all afternoon. Many beers where drank and time wasted.

It was fathers day, why not! Besides my legs were tired, now they get a day or two and then it's back on the bike. Tonight will be yard work and relaxing in the pool. We are gonna have temps in the 90's all week so the pool will be feeling good this week.

Last week was a personal record for me. As you know I am still on a road bike kick and loving it. I have been on a 100 mile a week average for about 2 months now and having the 2 days off I made use of it. I now have a new personal record! I ended up with a 143 miles for the week. I went to bed Saturday night with plans to get another 50 on Sunday and finish at the 200 mark. But Sunday rolled around and I just didn't have it in me.

It's funny how as soon as I woke up yesterday morning I knew right away my legs where not in it. I could have done it but why make yourself sore. I already had my new personal best and now I just need to get up to that mileage every week. That way I continue to improve in the mileage department.

Somewhere you reach a point where time starts to figure in. It's all in the numbers, 16.5 miles an hour average for 10 hours is 165.5 miles. Add another 35 miles in and you have another 2 plus hours for a total of 12-13 hours on the bicycle. That's a lot of time for evenings, even if you get two 3-4 hour rides on the weekend, which is almost harder to get than the mid week rides.

With the family and everything else that falls on the weekend 2 rides for 2 hours is more like it. Point is that's a lot of seat time. I enjoy it, believe me. But I do have a wife who likes to do things too.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Wow ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Still not sure how I feel! It seems like yesterday when we were still living in Matthews in our 2 bedroom apartment and Cody was 2. A lot has happened over the last 18 years and yesterday seemed like the end of the road in a way. But in a way it seemed a little aticlimatic.

No I didn't cry, I thought I might but I didn't, he walked down the aisle and across the stage and became a high school graduate. I took pictures and we went out to eat afterward. He now heads to the beach for a week with his friends and then we start Central Piedmont in the fall.

It's like I realize high school is over but the journey will still continue. I don't know if I thought any different or what but to me we just keep moving. Over the last 6-8 months I have had several conversations with other parents and sometimes I walked away surprised at what they had said.

Some can't wait for their kids to move out and others can't wait to remodel the kids room! Some parents have talked about school being such a pain in the ass and glad they don't have to deal with it anymore. I never felt that way, over the last 13 years of school I have never missed a function either one of my kids have been involved in and don't plan on missing any for the next 4 years.

It's never been a pain to me, to me it's been a privilege! My kids now I will be there and know when they look over my way I will have a smile on my face and be helping if I am needed. How any parent could ever consider that a pain I will never understand!

Point is to me we are still on the "ride", I hope and plan to be just as close to my boys in 20 years as I am now! I thought graduation was gonna feel like an end in some since but last night when Cody got home a little after midnight he came in our room and talked for another half hour.

Just like he has done for the last 18 years, when he wants to talk we talk. Just like we always have and always will. Graduation came and went, yes it's a big deal. But over all it's small potatoes!

We now start the next chapter............... I love this book...........

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Here There Everywhere ,,,,,,,

With the kids getting out of school today and Cody's graduation tomorrow things have been crazy! Then throw in work and the blog has taken a hit lately. Just haven't had time to mess with it.

But I am gonna try a little harder next week to get back at it. I have been riding a lot, all road no woods. We do have the 4 and 6 hour race this weekend at Ann Springs, I haven't made my mind up yet weather I want to do it or not. I am off the rest of the week starting tomorrow and we plan to do something so that's kinda in the way.

If the wife wants to do something we will if not I might try the race. Either way I won't loose any sleep over it. I still find it hard to get motivated for the local race scene. The local trails just don't seem to interest me right now. But the mountains that peeks my thoughts!

I am still averaging over a hundred miles a week on the road so I have my legs I just need something to do with them. Last night as I was riding and thinking about why I like the road so much these days. The reason that sticks out the most would have to be the location.

I left the house last night at 5:30 and within 5 miles I was on roads that where pretty much deserted! 5'oclock in the afternoon and I am riding empty country roads, it doesn't get any better than that. I ended up riding 40 miles on a week night. I even rode roads that didn't even have lines, much less traffic.

That's why I love the road bike. I hate to admit it but right now I would by a new high end road bike before I would ever buy a high end mountain bike. The feeling of flying down the road at 20 miles an hour for miles on end is just awesome!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

One Of Those Days ,,,,,,,,,

Believe it or not I have been trying to write a blog all day........... Tomorrow.....

Friday, June 6, 2014

Time Fly's ,,,,,,,,,,

I know I say that about every other week but it seems so true! This year it's really ringing true, with Cody graduating and all that going on. Sometimes I wish we could just put our foot down and stop the whole process for a minute or two. Not long just long enough to catch my breath.

But since I can't I might as well enjoy the ride. Although it's a little bumpy, I wouldn't trade it for anything! This time next week I will have one kid through with grade school and on his way to college. Life fly's by!

So I rode Tuesday night and then mowed and did yard work on Wednesday. Last night I took the dog to the golf course and walked two laps. Total of 4 miles, I ran about half of it and we just enjoyed the nice hot evening. I was sweating like a train by the time we left so I feel like it was a success. We even ran into a few other people out enjoying the trail. Most of the time I never see anyone there.

Tomorrow AM I plan to be out early riding my bike. I hope to put in about 3 to 4 hours. That would give me around 60 miles. Of course that is road miles. Last night I was thinking about it and I swear I honestly think the last time I rode the mountain bike was back in February. At least rode it around here, I rode it while we were in the mountains for vacation and I did the race but that's been it.

I might try to change that this weekend but not if I can't find time to get over to Uhwarrie. I'll ride there but nothing else around here interests me. I hear they have been doing a lot of work over at Beatty Park, maybe that will bring me out of my local funk.....

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

You Ever Wonder ?????

What regular people think about? Cause' that's what I was thinking this morning about 4:30am. I woke up and let the dog out then went back to bed. As I lay there I was already thinking about my bike ride this afternoon after work. Wondering where I would ride. I want a forty mile loop and that takes me out for at least 2 and half hours.

The routes where going through my mind and I was thinking about how each one rolled and which way I wanted to go. Then the thought crossed my mind, what do regular people think about at 4am? I think about riding, do they think about yard work? I sure as hell don't!

Although the yard could use a little love it can wait. Anyhow I fell back asleep and that was that. The alarm went off way to soon and here I am at work still thinking about which way to go. The bike is ready and waiting so the world awaits! Actually the world could car less if I ride but I sure as hell look forward to it.

I rode Sunday and yesterday I went to the golf course with the wife and dog, we did the mile and a half nature trail. It's about as close as any trail to the house and they encourage walking in the evening's when the course is slower. The dog loves it so it's a win-win.

Got out of the house for awhile, spent time with the wife and enjoyed the evening. I wonder what everybody else was thinking about last night.......

Monday, June 2, 2014

Now For The Rest Of The Week,,,,,,,,

We had a great weekend, Saturday was a day of working around the house and spending time with the kid. We went to Outback Steakhouse for diner. His choice, and had a good meal followed by ice cream and cake. He cleaned up in the cash department and plus he got his guitar a few weeks ago.

It seems like yesterday we just had him and now we are less than 2 years away from him driving! Time fly's when you are having fun! It's been busy here lately, Cody graduates in less than 2 weeks and then he goes to the beach. Then we have fathers day followed by my birthday. June is busy this year!

I did ride yesterday, that was the end of my drought. I hadn't ridden since the previous Monday. I did a 56 miler yesterday, I left the house and went to the store and packed my pockets. From there I went to Oakboro then Burnsville, back to Olive Branch to Monroe. I went out the back side of Oakboro down to the low water 1 lane bridge and then around to Burnsville.

I went past the old Foggy Bottom motocross park and stopped for a minute. It looks like someone is trying to re-open the place now. It's been closed for several years as the original owners retired. It needs a lot of work right now and a lot of money! Someone has been riding though so maybe it will reopen. We'll just have to wait and see.

I should get my Gold Wing back out of the shop this week. I called Friday and they said the first of this week, so I am looking forward to getting back on it. Summer is here, it's time to ride! Pedal and ride.....

There is a difference....