Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Forever !!!!!!!!!

That's about how long I will be stuck here today! Being in the construction supply business when mother nature gives us a day like today it's slow!!!!! Really slow.........

Well anyway Thanksgiving is coming, it's like a day away. We went to the store last night and finished all our shopping. Karen made contact with everybody and they know what to bring. Every year I worry we aren't gonna have enough food and we end up with way to much. This year I decided to not worry about it. It always works out. When you end up with 15 plus people you think you need more than you do, and I have better things to worry about.

My favorite part of the holiday is the fact I get 2 days out of work. I know I will slip out Thursday morning for a short ride and then I have all day Friday. I know for a stone cold fact I will not be out shopping on Friday. They could be giving away stuff and give me a guarantee I would receive mine if I showed up and I would still take a pass! Besides with every store opening on Thursday it seems like they are trying to ruin the holiday's anyway.

Can we not have 2 days a year Wal-mart closes!! Now they only close on Christmas.....

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