Monday, December 24, 2018

Getting Braver ,,,,,,,,,,

Yep, been riding at least a few times a week by myself in the woods. Not that bad at all to be honest! Still haven't tried to go to Uhwarrie yet but I am making progress. My biggest discovery this night riding season has been my light set up.

Up until this year I have always used the million lumina rechargeable lights. This summer for my total failure of a ride in Colorado I had to do something different. Since I wasn't gonna be able to charge them, I bought battery lights. so I had them I decided to try them the first ride.

They are only 200 lumina each and I have one on my helmet and one on my bars. Guess what? Works out great! Plus I have'nt had to mess with charging a light all season. That makes a big difference. I now can go at any given time whenever the time becomes available, no excuses! I don't have to worry about charging my lights, just go.

Makes life a lot easier, I'm all about making things simpler. So now we are on the door step of Christmas and new years is a week away. Next post I will get to my new plan, Colorado is a gonna be 2020 instead of 2019. 2019 is gonna be a couple of east coast bikepacking events. Within a few states away radius and probably the training I should have done before last year.