Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ride .........

That was my plan for the four days. Everyday ride, and enjoy the time off. The plan worked except on Thanksgiving day, I didn't quit make it out the door. No big deal though, I got to ride the rest of the time. I hit Uhwarrie, Sherman Branch and Anne Springs.

Now for my reviews: Let's start with Uhwarrie.

I haven't been over there in a few months (8 to be exact) and I knew the storms we had several months ago had really done some damage. How much I had no ideal, I was surprised! There where a lot of trees down, tons! Once again the local club really stepped up and did a great job clearing everything. That one bottom area really was a mess.

As I said it's been awhile since I was over there. About 2 years ago is when they did the big trail building remodel. Uhwarrie has always had the rep for being real rocky. After they redid everything it was really smooth. Of course with wear it's gonna go back to what it was. I just thought it might have taken longer. No I am not complaining, I like it we have enough green way trails in this area. We need tough trails.

Of course the place is awesome! You get way back in the back and it feels like you are in the middle of nowhere. It's like you went to the mountains but didn't drive 3 hours to get there. You get the climbs on the local level. Now I just need to get over there for a camp trip.

Then I hit Sherman on Saturday and did a few laps. Without selling Sherman short I just don't have much to say. It's close to the house and it's always there. It's a great trail and has a great layout, it works good for a cross-country training course. I have just ridden it 9 million times and have come to loath the place. I like it's close and it beats not riding at all. I am just tired of it....

Lately Anne Springs and Cane Creek have been my go to trails. Cane Creek was closed all weekend for the holidays so I hit Anne Springs. I haven't spent a lot of time down there until recently and I love it. The place is fantastic, I just about know all the trails now and can ride for hours. Which is exactly what I did, I finished my holiday weekend with 3 hours at Anne Springs.. The place rocks! At least it does right now, sooner or later I will get tired of it.........

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