Monday, December 31, 2012

Let's Do It Again !!!!!!!

OK, I got my one political post out of the way and it'd time to move on! I guess I am gonna go ahead and pay to put pics on here. Several times lately I have wanted to post pics and couldn't. So I am gonna pay.

Next! I don't know about you but I have had a lot of fun this year and can't wait to do it again. I avoided growing up another year and don't plan on changing that next year.

Cody, is finally about 95% percent healed with his knee and back on the bike. Chase has grown a lot and doing well. Karen loves her job and is happy. So overall I think life is pretty good!

We finished the year with a beach trip just the two of us, that was nice. Mom came and watched the kids and we went down for a quick trip. I love the beach in the winter time, nobody is there and it's nice and quite. We drank some beer and did the walk on the beach. We even drove down to Myrtle Beach and walked around for awhile. Haven't done that in years!

Yes it was cold, actually it was colder there than here. We got home yesterday and it was a lot warmer.

Hell, we even made a late year bike race! The one and only bike race we made all year! We have plans to race the whole Southern Classic Series this year so that should be fun. With that and the fact we plan to qualify, we are gonna head to upstate Pennsylvania in the early fall for the USA Cycling nationals. that should be a good ending to the summer.

As long as where talking about vacations we seem to get stuck in a rut as far as doing the same thing. The last few years we have done the beach in the late summer and the kids have enjoyed it, We have too, I like a week at the beach. But this year I think we are gonna try a trip to Michigan! Yea, Michigan! Why not, Cody went up this year and really enjoyed it. He went up with Emma's dad to pick her up and bring her home. She spends the summer up there with her mom every year.

This coming year we are gonna try to time it so we pick her up and get a week up that way. So stay tuned!

So again "Let's Do It Again"...............

Talk at ya Wednesday..................

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yep, Its Sunday........

The day before New Year's Eve....Why am I on here? Because I wanted to say one thing.

We as a country should be ashamed! The officials we have elected are the biggest bunch of losers we have ever had in the history of this country!

They have one crappy job to do and they can't even get that done. I never mention politics on here just because. But tonight I can't help it. Unless you have your head in the sand you have heard about the stalled negotiations over the fiscal cliff.

Every one of them should resign effective immediately..... This is an embarrassment for this country...........

Friday, December 28, 2012

This Is Becoming A Habit ..............

Yep I did the pool again this morning, and it was cold as hell outside at 5am! Damn cold! I don't like the cold. I can deal with the cold but I sure don't like it!

I even had to wait for the frost to clear from the windshield before I could pull out of the driveway. That was after I tried to drive up the driveway and ended up in the yard. So then I sat up next to the road for 5 minutes and of course I didn't wait long enough and tried to go. I figured I would turn and take the back road out to the hwy, there would be no traffic that way.

NOT, hell I met 2 cars as soon as I turned on the side road. So then I was trying to look through a little hole of frost and dodge cars and mailboxes. Lesson learned, "wait for the frost to clear before you kill yourself or someone else".

Anyhow, got the grandma coming over and watching the kids this weekend, the wife and I are gonna head to the beach for a little break. Not a long trip but a little break. I like going to the beach in the winter when it's cold. The beach will be empty and the restaurants will be too.

We'll get to eat some good food and enjoy some peace and quite. Plus we are gonna do a little scouting for a place to stay this summer. Maybe try a different place. Although that will be more for something to do than anything. I like staying on the very end and I like the place we usually stay so I bet we will be there again this year.

Cherry Grove, North Myrtle Beach. Here we come.........

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Back At It ...........

They were open and I got in the water! I was there at 5:25am, in the water at 5:30am! I like hitting the pool early, it's a great way to start the day.

Also, I know it's only my 3rd time going and believe me I have yet to figure out my "process". But It's fun! I have increased my laps every time I went, I am up to 13 laps or 26 lengths. I like the way "lengths" sounds better than laps but I figured out real swimmers refer to each session by "laps".

As far as process goes, I have to plan ahead the night before, what I am going to wear and does it need ironing? I go ahead and load it up so I have it in the morning. Last time I went I realized right about the time I hit the water that I forgot my goggles.

Today I have come to realize I need a bigger gym bag. I have no where to put my sweat pants and sweat shirt, after I get ready for work. I go to the gym  wearing my swim shorts under my sweat pants and then get ready after I swim and shower. I did get a lock for Christmas and I have my flip flops. Now I need a bag.

Even with the purchase of a new gym bag, fins and goggles. This is still the cheapest sport I have found yet!!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Now For New Year's ..............

Not that I have any plans for New Years, but I do get another day off! Then I get another 3 weeks off. I always use this time of year to think about the year. Good or bad it's gone and we get  to try again.

We had a good Christmas, the kids had a great time and got a few things they wanted. The wife had a nice Christmas and I did too. We saw all Karen's family and spent time with them, Wriston and Quincy are growing like crazy. We only see them a few times a year, so it's always a treat to see them.

I rode about everyday, the weather was nice. Then Monday it finally started raining. Christmas day was nice and then today has been a total wipe out! It may never dry! We haven't had this much rain in months. I do have a night ride tentatively planned for tomorrow night (Thursday) so we'll see.

Also I did get up this morning to go swim and got to the gym only to find it was closed! They go back to their regular hours tomorrow so I will try again. I like the swimming and after all the food I ate over the holiday's I need to get back in the pool!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Yep, I Did It Again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, I got outta bed and hit the pool again this morning! We made plans and the alarm went off at 5am. I sent Kelly a text and said skip it it's cold outside.

Then I felt guilty! I knew if I didn't go on the second day I would set the wrong tone and it would be down hill from there! So I went...

I sent Kelly another text and said get up meet me there, he didn't get it so I swam alone. Or at least I went by myself, there where several people swimming. I like it and actually did a lot better today. I found a rhythm and it seemed to work. I ended up doing a little more today than I did yesterday.

550 yards today! I could have gone farther, I just needed more time. If I had stuck to my original plan I would have had more time. A few more trips and I will have my system down.

Did I ever think I would enjoy swimming? Nope! But I really do like it, I might do a triathlon one of these days after all....

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally did it! I got up at 5:30 and woke Cody up and we hit the door. At the aquatic centic by 5:50 and in the pool by 6am!

Kelly showed up a few minutes later and I got my first swim in! 20 lengths of the pool!

500 yards!!!!!

I suck at my breathing technic but I will figure it out. I went to get my goggles yesterday and dropped by the aquatic center on the way home. Got my new badge so I could start going and that's what we did. Now we are gonna go again tomorrow am and then maybe Saturday if I can make my arms move!

Kelly said I actually did pretty good for my first time, I just need to get my breathing down. It's harder than it looks! I am gonna loose 30 pounds come hell or high water!

Or I drown first!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Must Be Scared..........

First of all, I totally forgot the blog again yesterday. That's twice here lately I let it slip my mind. We have gotten busier at work and that's a good thing for sure. I just need to start doing the blog early am or late at night, one of the two.

Now for the title: "I Must Be Scared"

Why, because every time Kelly tries to get me to start swimming I come up with an excuse! Yes I need to loose some weight and that would be the perfect way to get a jump start on that. But every time I come up with a reason.

Last night was the same! Kelly Cody and I went night riding at Steve's place and he was  trying to talk me into showing up at 6am this morning. He even has Cody talked into coming. Cody will go to the aquatic center and swim already so he's all for it.

Then throw in the fact that Kelly, who started doing triathlons this year, is telling me how he will swim for 45min to an hour and how when he started he could only swim 25 yards before he was out of breath! Great, can't wait for that!

Well I finally gave last night. We are gonna meet Friday morning, I am gonna finally give it a go. For better or worse I am gonna show up at 6 am and go swimming.

At least the pool is only 3ft deep so I think I will be safe from drowning.....

Monday, December 17, 2012

We Back Jack !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back where? Back racing! OK, so it's honestly been the better part of 2 almost 3 years since we lined up for a race. With Cody spending a year playing school soccer and then blowing his knee apart playing soccer the next year. Then a full year of rehab it has been that long.

Until yesterday! Yep he plans on racing everything next year. By everything I mean the Southern Classic Series and a few other races. So that being said we went to Columbia SC yesterday for the "Rudolph Rampage". Me Cody and Kelly. Cody did juniors and won by a mere 30 seconds. He had his hands full, Kelly did single speed and ended up 2nd. If he hadn't of flatted he would have been first.

As for me I had about 25 in my class and had no ideal what to expect. Of course I found myself in the lead at the first turn up the gravel road. We had about a 3/4 mile start up a gravel road so I knew I needed to see how it played out and not kill myself trying to get to the woods first. So I backed out of it, and then fell in line about 5th place.

I had 18 miles to go so it was on! I made 1 big mistake yesterday, not enough warm up. That proved to be a big mistake, my legs where on fire for the first lap and a half! Then once they (my legs) got up to speed I was really comfortable. I ended up with 2 more guys getting by me and another who thought he wanted by. I let him, and stayed dead on his ass, he fell apart shortly after that and I never saw him again.

I ended up finishing with an 8th place! Yep, I am happy as hell with that! It's been a while since I raced and I was rusty but I still held my own, and I will get better as the year goes by and I lose some weight. I have to get back into my routine and figure out what works for my pre-race warm up then I will start moving up.

It's gonna be a fun year!!!!!!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Time Heels............

Wounds and sickness! Sickness being the one I care about.

First, I do feel better. I just let the blog slip my mind. I did break down and go to the doctor Wednesday. I got a shot and some meds. and I am ready to go. Or at least I will be ready in a few more days. I still need the rest and I am tired but at least I can sleep and function a little better. The start of the week was rough so it's nice to at least finish the week feeling like I am improving..

Since I haven't ridden this week I have had to come up with stuff to talk about. Of course I've been sick so I whined about that all week but now lets talk about something else. Grudges....

I ran into a guy yesterday that I have known forever and I really don't like him. Truth is he probably doesn't really care for me anymore either but that's his own fault. Why is that his fault? Because he owes me 25 bucks from 20 years ago, and I have not let it go! Just last year. We ran into each other at a mutual friends house and I brought it up!

It pisses me off!

Then yesterday we saw each other and the first thought thru my head was "that sum-bitch owes me money". Then it hit me. The way life has played out I can pretty much tell ya, mine is better than his. So with that thought I actually was happy to chat with him.

At first I really think he was thinking "oh god I have to talk to him". But then we chatted and even shook hands and wished each other a merry Christmas.

Believe it or not I wish I had dropped it long ago. No we won't be any better friends than we are now, were just 2 different types of people. But it did feel good to be nice, and I honestly do hope he has a nice Christmas.....

I might grow up one of these days............

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Get Grumpy When I am Sick !!!!!!!!!!!

For 2 reasons: 1- I am wasting valuable ride time that I will never get back !!! 2- I don't feel good !!!!!!

That being said I had to go by Walgreens last night on the way home and drop off prescriptions for Chase.  That pissed me off. Or should I say the dumb ass who works at Walgreens pissed me off.......... Here's how it went..

I pull up, nobody's in the drive through line in front of me. Good. I pull up push the button. Looking through the mirrors, I can see the little tech pharmacy student sitting at the counter. Nobody is inside at the counter and he's there by himself.

I push the button, he picks up the phone from inside at the counter where he is "can I help you". That hit me wrong, My reply, "no I ride through these drive thru's all the time and hit the button just for the hell of it".

To which he replies "huhhhhh"... So now I am getting kinda irritated, I explain. "of course I need help, I can plainly see you are in there by yourself and not with any customers" "why would you pick up the phone all the way over there and offer to help! Knowing your gonna have to get up off the stool and walk over here anyway"

"to help"

Now he hangs up and walks over to the window, picks up phone number 2 and says, hold on to your hat! "can I help you" I just look at him now and shake my head. He now can kinda tell I am thinking he isn't very bright. The next thing he says just makes me start laughing.

"I was playing with my phone and just wasn't paying attention" So now I know he wasn't even working! Now he says "when do you want to pick it up"

To which I reply "I am here now, you just said you weren't working" he grins "oh yea". He sits the phone down and walks off. Less than 5 minutes later he is back, hands me my stuff and I am on my way. It took longer to get him to come to the window than it did to fill the prescription!!!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Still On Break.....

But feeling better! Maybe not a lot, but a little bit. I did work yesterday and then went home and crashed hard on the couch. Got up and hung out for awhile then went to bed.

What a night!

Although my first question to the wife this morning was "should I ride today"  her reply "no, you'll wear yourself out". Not what I wanted to hear but it does make sense. My plan last week was to ride tonight and Thursday then be ready for Sunday.

Plans change!!!!!

I still plan to go Sunday, I am looking forward to it. I was just hoping to have a little more seat time. Like it would make a difference, it might have. Everything will help in the long run. But because of my illness I will probably end up with a ride Thursday and line up Sunday.

I could lie and tell ya how I can use it as a training ride and I need the ride, blah,blah,blah. Which is all BS, If I line up for a race, in my mind I plan on beating everybody else there. I might not, but I will beat the better half of everybody. Even at 44 years old I still get the "butterflies" when we are about to start.

Now if I can just get rid of the crud...........

Monday, December 10, 2012

Time For A Break...............

Not by choice! So I rode Saturday with all the fast guys, and when I say "fast" I mean somkin' Fast. I showed up sick and told them at the start don't worry about me, I was just gonna spin for 2 laps and was in no mood to kick it!

Ha! Even if I had tried to kick it and stay with the crowd I couldn't have done it, even on a good day! Even Dane got dropped and he's faster than I am, so I know I wouldn't have made it. Of course we where at Steve's trail and I have been turning 55 minute laps when I am kicking it. Saturday I did 2 laps at 1 hour each.

Kelly Charles Scott and Buddy did 2 laps at 46min. each! That's fast,,,,way fast!!!

Now for the "break"! I should have stayed home all day and not even rode at all. I am sick, really sick. 2 laps probably didn't help me at all. I didn't even go out of the house yesterday, I stayed on the couch all day. Last night I slept a total of 3 hours. I did make it to work, I might as well get payed to be sick. Sitting around all day for nothing and no money would suck even worse...............

Friday, December 7, 2012

I "Willed" It To Rain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right! I talked about it this morning and made my wish. I wanted rain! I got rain...... Oh yea''''''

Please Rain !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I said it! "Please Rain" We need it, in a bad way. All day, slow drizzle just let it rain. It's so dry in the woods that last night we rode and if you where in the back you had a hard time seeing! Much less trying to breath!

On the fast sections it's hard to keep up because you can't even see the trail. But we had fun! That's why we went me, Cody and Charles hit the woods.

Steve's Trail it was. The place rocks! I know I say that every time we go there but it's the truth. Even Cody has come to like it, at first he was kinda on the fence. He liked it but he thought it was kinda hard. Now he has gotten used to it and thinks it's the bomb. Our plan is to ride there all weekend.

Next Sunday is the race so we will ride Sat. Sun. Tues. Thur. Then go Sunday, I am looking forward to it. Not sure who's gonna join us yet but were talking about it. After that we have the winter series.

I still hate it but I am kinda looking forward to it. Now that Cody is into it again so am I....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Need To Check That!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My light! That's what I need to check. Last night I met the boys and we headed in the woods at 4:30. At 5:30 it was dark, the only problem with that was I was still in the woods!

It wasn't totally dark but in the woods it was! I went to turn on my little helmet light about 10 minutes from the end and nothing. On the last section through the woods It was really dark. But I had fun so that was cool.

Kelly and Scott along with their boss did a triathlon Sunday so I got to hear all about that. Kelly finished 17th and Scott was 28th, the boss was 8th. Not bad, they kicked ass on that! I know I couldn't do it. Maybe one of these days I might try something like that, but not right now. Funny thing is, they all did their first one this summer and since then they have done about 3 each. They act like they like doing them.

It's all I can do to get ready for a bike race and they are gonna show up just for the hell of it.

By the way I started this post yesterday and meant to put it up last night. I got home and did a little laundry, helped fix dinner and did nothing else. The wife is sick and not feeling well at all so I stayed close to the house. I even worked in a nap. Hadn't done that in a long time......

Tonight we ride !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Back To The Trail !!!!!!!!!!!!

So, to be honest I didn't ride last night, I did do my stretching though. I serviced the bike too. Today I am heading to Steve's to meet Kelly and Scott right after work so I know I will earn it today.  I am actually looking forward to climbing the hills today!

I want to get stronger, with the race in Columbia coming up I feel like I can't ride enough. I like the trails down there so I want to do good.

Now I need to get a few things at the shop. Then decide which bike I want to ride or race. I think it would help if I would stick to one or the other. I like to ride both. I am thinking about putting a new set of carbon wheels on the 29er. That should be a drop of about 2 pounds!

That's a lot of weight! If I did that it would improve the snap out of the turns, which is what I am looking for........

Monday, December 3, 2012

Why Not.............

I know I said I wasn't gonna ride today but I swear I went to bed last night really stoked. I had such a good ride yesterday I want to go again. Nothing to long, just enough to push the legs.

Behind the house we have a church with a really step hill in front of it. I have been over there before and done nothing but climb the hill for training. It will definitely get your heart rate up and make your legs burn! Or I might go walking.

Not my favorite thing to do but I am starting to notice my jeans are fitting a little better. Between my ramp up in riding and paying a little closer attention to what I am eating things are starting to come together. Plus we have the race on the 16th. I know I am not in the shape I need to be to ride at the front but I know I won't be in the back either

My goal is to loose 25 pounds, so far I am about 5 pounds lighter. Between "" and my renewed commitment to riding and racing, this year should be fun!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Something To Think About...........

So I quite smoking about 5  months ago and I honestly thought I would see an improvement the day I quite. Much to my disappointment I honestly don't think I have seen any improvement. Until now!

I have been riding really hard lately. Making a point of riding with my fast buddies and just trying as hard as I can to get faster and loose some weight. I am on a 4 day a week schedule and my legs have been killing me.

Yesterday I went with Charles and Dane and rode 2 laps at Backyard Trails, first time I have ever done that. I was honestly ready to head to the car after one lap! But I stuck it out, I really had no other choice. They where gonna ride another anyway so I did too.

Then today after church Cody and I went to Uhwarrie, I figured I would suffer but what the hell, tomorrow is a off day as far as riding goes. But to my amazement I felt really good and the same hills that were kicking my ass last time I was over there weren't that bad!

I felt good, really good! Maybe I am gonna get better this year. I just need to stick with the crowd I have been riding with and leave the smokes alone..............