Monday, April 30, 2012

New Pictures Of monroe.........

As I said earlier today I had some new and different pictures of the south side of town. So here they are. I will get more next time I head that way.

looking south toward Waxhaw
I stopped on top of this railroad, this is from the 200 bypass, why they have the chain link I am not quite sure but it was neat seeing down the tracks..

north toward Monroe

Frank Howie farms.. I went to high school with him...
Here is another shot of the same tracks from Frank Howie's feed mill and farm. I used to load here when I was trucking. I would load and head to Interstate milling in downtown Charlotte.

wonder how much water is in there?
Then when I was coming back into Monroe I came up on this water tower. I thought it was neat so I took a picture....

Ready For The Weeksnd!!!!!!

You know your setting yourself up for a long week when you are ready for the weekend on Monday! I can't help it, that's way I roll!

I rode the road bike all weekend and took a few pictures here and there. I just didn't bring the camera this morning so we will get them up tomorrow. I am still hung up on the road bike so all the miles were put in on it.

I was looking for a change of pace as far scenery goes so this weekend so I went out the south side of town both days. I seem to always head southeast or north out of Unionville. So it was a nice change of pace.

One of the reasons I like the road bike is I seem to need about 5 miles to really get warmed up. So when I head out it just works for me to ease into it. It's funny because most of the time I feel like the ride doesn't even start until I am about 8 miles into it.

Then when I am headed to the house I usually feel like I am home when I am still 8 miles from the house. I find that's an easy way to get in an extra 15 or so miles!

So the highlight of the weekend would be the fact I feel like I have a new bike! How did that happen you ask? Well my road bike has about 8000 miles on it and I have never given it ANY maintenance. None, not at all! It's always worked.

Of course I have kept the chain lubed and it's had new tires and brake pads but that's it! Why mess with what works!

Well last week it quit working. I no longer had the front derailleur and was stuck in the little front chain ring. So that's the way I rode Saturday! Sunday I got up and went to the car wash and it got it's "first" major bath!

Then I came home and lubed all the cables and hit the bottom bracket with a little love and bam! We are back in action! It was so smooth I swear I felt like I was riding a new bike!

Maybe this thing called maintenance might not be so over rated.......Hm....I might give it some thought.....

Friday, April 27, 2012

Ready !!!!!!!

4 o'clock can't get here fast enough! This week seems like it's taken forever! Everyday has been busy, the weather has been hit or miss and I am glad it's over.

The weather looks about the same for the weekend but hey it's the weekend!

Yesterday I got home and took a 30 minute nap, that dose'nt happen often. Then when I thought I was ready to go for a ride it looked like it could rain any minute. Being the big wuss I am I found other things to do.

Finally after doing a little bit of nothing I decided it was time to do something. So I headed out for an hour walk. Yes I still think walking sucks, but it beats doing nothing. I ended up walking for over an hour and came home after dark.

So that got me through the night and now we have the weekend! Big plans? No just the usual stuff, but i am glad it's the weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chicken S... To Chicken Salad

We started the day with Chicken S... and ended with Chicken Salad!!!! The weather of course what else would I be talking about.

As I wrote my post yesterday AM it was raining and I was watching it rain. Then by the time I got to the house it was perfect.

Glen came down and we did a nice short ride around the hood. Twenty 26 miles, but it was perfect! I am ready for summer to get here so we will have the sunshine everyday. I have sunscreen and a pair of shades.

What else do you need? Besides more daylight. I am ready for the 8:30 daylight. Last night we rode for less than 2 hours I am ready for the 3 hour after work rides. Glen is a little behind the curb as far as training goes so I cut it short last night.

My only complaint about the ride, my allergies went crazy last night! I swear I can blow my nose every 2 minutes! Today is the first time all year I had to take allergy medicine. I was glad I still had it from last season but this sucks. It's nice I live in the country but sometimes all the fields and agriculture tear me up..

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stuck In The Middle............

It's the middle, of the week and we seem to be stuck in the middle of rain storms! I did get the yard mowed last night and walked for an hour. But that was about it for my evening. Tonight I plan on riding the road bike if the weather works in my favor.

Besides that it was an uneventful evening. I did read for an hour, the other day I started the book "Hunger Games". Yep it's the one the movie is based on. My kid started reading the series and I had just finished a book and was looking for another so I picked it up.

So far I am about a 130 pages into it and it's pretty good. We have the whole series so this will be the first series I have read in several years. Most of the time I read books about training or adventure books. I usually don't pick up books of "fiction". So that's a change of pace.

As I sit here and type this I am watching it rain! Hard to believe I plan on riding this afternoon..........Might be time to get out the wet weather gear......

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Been Awhile !!!!!!

But it's getting closer, that's right the Wing is gonna fly again! Like I have already said it's been a few years but we are on the way.

It happened so fast that I didn't even get a picture.  Damn it!

I got home last night and Cody and I loaded it up on the trailer. As I was going to get the camera Bryan (the guy who is working on it) and Doby came over from the shop to help. We had already gotten it loaded so they where no help. It did help that it was downhill from my garage to the trailer.

Although when we got to his house and realized he had an uphill driveway, we needed all the help we could get! The damn thing ways 800 pounds so you ain't gonna push it by yourself, not uphill anyway.

I should get the call about the end of next week. He has a 4 wheeler in front of me and then he will be working on mine..

             Tune up
             Water leak
             Change oil
             New tires
             Fuel pump

I could damn near buy a new bicycle for what all this is gonna cost. But that's all relevant to what you are working on I guess. The same amount of maintenance on a bicycle would only be a couple of hundred dollars............

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ever Hit Your head ????

Well I did! Yesterday I went down to Cheraw and hit the sandy trails. You can ride them rain or shine and it was raining. I have ridin the road bike for the last few weeks and haven't even touched the mtn bike.

I didn't feel like riding the road in the rain and dealing with all the cars and their over spray so I went out on the mtn bike. You would think if you haven't ridin in the woods for several weeks you might take it easy.


I hit the trail wide open and within a mile I hit the ground so hard my head still hurts today! haven't done that in awhile. I bounced right up and kept going but it took awhile to get my thoughts back together!

My first thought you ask? Damn that was stupid! I know better than that! Especially when it's wet outside, what the hell was I thinking? Even the base of my neck hurts where I racked my head!

Good news is my helmet came out all right! Yes, I am glad I had it on. It could have been worse!

Saturday I rode the road bike to Pageland and back. I parked at Rock rest school and went from there. 40 miles later I was back at the truck and headed home. The best part of that ride was the fact I went early AM.

I got my ride in and was still home by 11.

SC number 1 export pine needles

The fields are really green right now and growing like crazy. The traffic was low and the temp was right!

Update on the Gold Wing: New battery installed and no results. Fuel pump seems to be locked up. Tonight it goes on the trailer and heads to the shop. List of items to be done. Fix water leak, new fuel pump, change the oil, new air filter and new plugs!

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Friday.........

Yesterday we were kinda busy here at work and I let the day pretty much come and go without the blog. I didn't even think about it till late in the day.

So yea it's Friday and gonna rain. So not sure yet what I am gonna do for the weekend. Just gonna wait and see when I can get out.

In the mean time I have the Gold Wing to work, I got a new battery last night and after getting acid all over my face and in my eyes! Then spending 30 minutes in the shower rinsing my eyes out, then going back to Autozone for the right acid container! I managed to get it on the charger.

Tonight I will change it out and start cleaning it. Hopefully I can use the water hose without trying to injure myself! Then it goes to the shop to get the water leak fixed. From there it goes to another shop for new tires and then I will be on the road!

I am rather excited about this. I haven't ridin it in forever and ready to take a trip. The Blue Ridge Parkway is calling my name. I love riding the bicycles but man it's fun to ride the big bike!

I can get a lot of pictures in a short period of time riding the big bike...

Speaking of pictures check this sequence out. Theses where taken over a 10 day period! The pool is ready to go!!!! 
had a frog in it....

to many chemicals for the frog.. he left..

almost finished.....

ready for summer...crystal clear....

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Forgot all about the blog today! Be back tomorrow........Rain stopped, ride tonight..........

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Project..........

What's the next best thing if you don't have a new bike in the works! Do something different.

mine's all red
I have had this old Bridgestone since it was brand new. I bought it some where around 92'. Well I decided to take all my parts off of the Motobecane and put them on the old school frame. I only have one or two items I need to purchase and I can make this complete.

free shipping what a deal !!!!
The main item I will need to purchase will be a crank. I have been wanting to try a compact crank and now will be a good time. The rest of the components are all Ultegra and Cane Creek so it will turn out pretty sweet!

When do I plan to start on it? Not to long, I don't want to until I have everything. Right now I am still hung up on riding the road bike and I sure don't want to take it apart until I can put it back together.

I haven't ridin the mtn bike in a month or so. I go through spells where I just get tired of the local trails. Plus I can head out the end of the drive way and head any direction I want. I will get back to it before long but right now I am on the road....

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

VTX 1300 .......

Here is a shot of Cody's bike.

That's right he's gonna be bad!!!!!

It's Time......

Time for what? Time to ride!!!! For the last 2 years all I have done is ride the bicycles. We haven't been to the dirt bike track in awhile. Much less the street bikes.

Well I guess it's time to get back to rolling. Maybe it's because Cody will be able to get his motorcycle permit in about 6 more months. You have to have your license for 6 months before you can get the motorcycle permit. Then in 6 more months he can get his full motorcycle license.

Yea that's right I am gonna let my 16 year old kid ride a street bike. He can handle it, it's my call get over it!

So I have 2 bikes that have been sitting for over 2 years. Very dirty and dead batteries.

The Gold Wing also has a water leak that will be fixed here shortly. I put the battery charger on it last night, hopefully one out two batteries will still hold a charge. It's the newest of the 2 so I have my fingers crossed.

It weights to much to push it onto a trailer to take to my buddies shop. It needs to run!

Then we will be headed to the tire shop and then an inspection. Renew the tag and it will be back in action!

No that's not my bike but damn close! If mine was beside this one you would think they are identical, no kidding! Same color trailer cooler everything except the bra on the front and I only have one antenna!

The trailer is the bomb! Air ride and 200 pounds capacity, believe me you can put a lot of stuff in that trailer. The wife and I have taken trips in the past and she brought EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

Next I will get Cody up and running!!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Wind, coming and going.............

OK, for the weekend. Saturday the wife went shopping and we went riding. WE as in Cody and I! Chase was over at the Pope's house playing with Noah, and Cody wanted to ride.

This would be the first ride on the road bike. It wasn't a long ride but it sure was nice to have him along! We even stopped at a store, I talked him into it. Just because I want it to take just a little longer. He didn't know it, but that's why I stopped.

We only rode for 17 miles but that was all his knee really needed. I was gonna keep going when we got home but I was already home. So stay I did.

Since Karen wasn't home I decided to work on the garage. From the picture it doesn't look like I got much done But I promise I have made a big dent in the mess. I put off cleaning it so long it was out of control!

I even made a shelf just for riding helmets and shoes. My lights are in the yellow bag.

Sunday came and after church and lunch I headed out on the road bike. I needed this ride, after a short ride Saturday and trying to kill myself running last week I was looking forward to a long ride.

I went out and right away I noticed the wind was gonna be tuff! I figured if I just adjust my route I can put it to my back. NOT!!!!! It seemed like the direction was irrelevant. I had the wind in my face all afternoon!

I went out Olive Branch Rd to Olive Branch out on Hwy 218. Then went out the road with no lines (you know your in the country) it turns into dirt about 3 miles later. Then you are entering Anson County. About 3 miles of that I finally found pavement again.

I like this area, there is no traffic and it was nice day. I stopped and took a few pictures here and there, after 40 miles I was back at the house. Including picture stops I was home in 2 and half hours.

my favorite shot of the day!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Do I Really Need THIS................

It was day 2 of "Rest Day", I went out to dinner with the wife, dropped the kid of at his overnight birthday party. The one with the "crazy for even thinking of having 6 boys over for an overnight birthday party". Then found myself standing in the shed asking myself.

"Do I really need THIS"

The problem with that question is if you think about it to long you'll keep it! That's why I am perfect for this job! I don't give it that much thought.

I went to the shed with the mindset that the only thing I use in there is the lawn mower, the rest is fair game!

Truck load of junk, number 2. Has made it's way to the dumpster. What am I chucking you ask.

Well I had empty boxes, a pump sprayer that was used for Round-up. The seals had long since frozen, I was gonna "fix it". NOT.....But then again that was used back when I gave a shit about yard work. One day I realized, "hell you can't even see my house from the road"... Why bother!

The wife is so proud!!!

I had a porch swing I had purchased. I was gonna put legs on it and make a bench out of it. Never happened. Money wasted.. When you start cleaning you realize "man I waste a lot of money". It looked good in the trash though!

As I clean I am trying to organize too.

I am gonna hang all the gardening tools on the wall, that way if anybody ever sees the inside of my shed they will say "man he keeps things organized". These alleged sight see-ers better get here quick though. I promise it will go back to the mess stage really fast.....

I have kids.........

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Hate Rest Days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very boring, that's about all I can say for that. It seems like I wasted a night I will never get back!

I had opportunities, Kelly called and wanted to do a night road ride. I just didn't have it in my legs. I had to decline, along with that came a nice text explaining I was a really big wuss! I tried to put it off till tonight but he is working.

Big wuss, what kind of excuse is that. At least mine was legit!

So after disappointing my ride partner I got off the couch and decided to clean the garage. I need to get my camper out of the driveway. I want to put it in the garage, to make that happen I am gonna have to move a few things.

In that lies the work. To move "a few things" I am gonna have to clean out everything. Both sheds are gonna go back into action. Right now one isn't used at all and the other is not used very well. It's time to make better use of space.

It's amazing how much junk you can accumulate over the course of 14 years in one spot. You save stuff thinking "I will use that". Then you don't! Some things I am gonna give away, like to my neighbor. That way if I ever do need it I can borrow it. Other things, I am just gonna close my eyes and toss them!

The motorcycles are gonna have to start living in the sheds, they eat up way to much space. Plus one of them needs to be sold. Chase has out grown it and has moved up to the next one in line. The street bikes need cleaned up and put back on the road.

Neither one of them has even had a tag in a year or better. That needs to change. The boat, it stays in the garage. But I have a pile of composite material in the way. I had plans to use it for the railing around the front porch. Not gonna happen! It's going to the dump.

As far as my "rest day".......Very boring,,,,and I am worn out!!!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Rest Day............

As much as I hate it, I have got to take a rest day! When I sat down to write this the first title that came to me was "I Hurt".

Then I realized that was the title yesterday. I can't use the same title twice and if that was what came to mind it must be time.

Plus this would be the third post in a row where I whine! Nobody likes whiners!

But I am not whining I am training! BIG difference....

Yea right!!!!!!

OK last night as soon as I got home I changed and took off on the road bike. My legs where so sore from the run the night before I thought it would help. Work the soreness out type of thing. The first 4 miles where tough but then I seemed to get into a rhythm. It hurt a lot to stand up and climb so I tried to just sit and spin.

I had the short route planned so I stuck to the plan. Exactly 25 miles and I was pulling into the driveway. I kept the speed down for most of the ride, only when I had the wind in my favor did I kick it up to the big ring. When I got off the bike I had a 16.5 average. Not great, but not bad.

I usually try for an 18 average so I defiantly felt the wind and the running. After that I came home, got the wife to join me and away we went. We walked for about 45 minutes and called it a night.

Two oranges and a ham sandwich topped off with strawberry cake ( I earned it) and I was ready for the bed. My legs are killing me...

Rest day it is !!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Hurt.....

My legs hurt! I came home and mowed the yard and then went to get Chase. He was over at his buddy Austin's house. From my house to his through the field behind the church and to his neighborhood is about a mile and a half.

I took off, I was gonna walk. Well I didn't get far and decided why not start running! I am gonna do this triathlon in Sept. , why not now. Let's start working on the running.

Now this morning I have that feeling, that good feeling. The one you get when you pushed yourself and you are sore. Yes "I Hurt" but it's a good hurt. If you exercise and push yourself, weather it's aerobics or golf, tennis, whatever you know what I mean.

So Steve sent me the email a few weeks ago about this triathlon and has been on me since. So far I have kinda been avoiding the subject but he keeps asking. So last night when I started running, I think that would have been the exact moment I decided "why not".

Corporate Challenge, here I come! Yes this will be my first shot at something like this so it's gonna be interesting. Next we are gonna hit the pool!!!!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Oh My God..........

This might just kill me! I just got through running 3 miles! The hardest 3 miles of my life! I used to run, twenty years ago!

Really, it's been twenty years. Every bit of it!

Why was I running? Because the director of the unit at the hospital where Karen works talked me into doing a triathlon. I have all summer to prepare for it and I will need every bit of the summer to prepare!

September 9th is the day! That gives me a little over 4 months to get ready. I need it!

This one has a 500 yard swim, 12 mile bike ride and 5k run! I got the biking down pat no problem, the swim and the running are a different story.

What the hell am I thinking........

If running for the first time hurt this bad, what will the first swim feel like ???????

Ya Never Know ........

OK first off, Chase had a buddy over the other night. Nice little kid by the name of Aaron, along with Aaron came a gas mask! Yes a "gas mask"! He had found it at his grandpa's or something. Give two 12 year olds a gas mask and a couple of toy guns. They are set for all the fun they could stand!

he looks like an aardvark
They played all night and day! They only stopped for food and sleep. The rest of the time they had a ball. Yes that's my kid with the mask on! I even tried to put it on, my head must be to big, they had no trouble putting it on. It felt like I was gonna pull my hair out!

So anyhow Saturday AM I got out and rode 35 on the road bike and then came home and loaded up the wife. We went down to Cheraw SC to the State Park and did a hike on the mtn bike trails! She has never been there before and I love going down there so off we went!

When you walk a trail you usually ride you see a whole new side to it. Plus you see things you usually wouldn't! Like the picture below!

The section we found this on is downhill, so I am looking down through here. As we are walking along about 8ft up a tree I see this bra! What the hell?

Out in the middle of the woods you come across a bra hanging in a tree! How the hell did that get there? Made us laugh!

OK, we where still chuckling about the bra when we see another thing hanging on a. When we get closer I realize it's a skull..... A dear skull, out in the middle of nowhere!

Again about 8ft up somebody had hung a dear skull! In the back of the picture you can see a road. I guess somebody hit it and it ended up in the woods. Then someone finds it and puts it in a tree....

Now I am wanting to start walking all my local trails to see what I might find!!!!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Looking Good.............

Yep, thinks are looking good! It looks like I am gonna take my first short tour. Not this weekend but next! I believe the stars are all gonna line up and I am gonna head south.

I have had this route in my mind for awhile now. I plan to pedal out of the driveway take my time and head toward McBee, SC. Sugar Loaf MTN State Park. It sits between McBee and Cheraw SC.

From the house I think it's about 75 miles. My plan is to get up Saturday AM and just take my time getting there. Spend the night and take my time coming home. Kinda of a test, I want to see how my limited equipment selection works out and what I want to change.

Like I said the other day my list is a short list of what other people have taken and used. Some people take a lot more some take a lot less. I want to use my stove and see how that works out. It better work pretty good because where I am going there aren't any restaurants around!

I just want to see how it feels to travel with so much stuff on the bike. After riding such light weight stuff for so long and basing my purchases on weight it feels weird to pile so much stuff on a bike and plan to pedal it.

Right now if you try to pickup the bike with all the stuff on it, the thing ways a ton! It's still easy to pedal just because of the low gearing, you just have to get it in your mind that you are not in a hurry. Taking your time is a new mindset, I am still adjusting to it.

So today will be a trip to the bike shop for one or two items, then I need to hit Dick's Sporting Goods and I will have just about everything I feel I need.

I do know the tent I have is a little big and heavier than what most people would use but it will work for the first few trips. I still need front bags for longer trips but I am at the starting line!

Yes I will be pedaling this weekend. Sunday will be with the family but Saturday I plan to take a nice ride. Still hooked on the road bike right now, the mtn bike is in the corner. I will get back to it sooner or later..

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What A Night !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I looked at the watch, it was 5:18. Good I have a couple of hours. Down the driveway I went, do I want to go right or left? The driveway is 800ft, I had a few minutes to think about it. It's gravel so I don't go that fast.

At the end I turned left, now what? After a little thought I decided to just do my 32 mile loop backwards, usually I end up coming through Monroe, this time I started by "going" through Monroe. South I went!

Past the "American Ark Horse Farm" on Medlin Rd.

It's really a neat place, I always like going by there. They have all kinda horse related things, arena's cross-country courses, show rings. If it's horse related it's there. Being from Kentucky I can appreciate the place!

Then after a few miles I cut over to mountain view off 601 south and then back towards Monroe. Looking at my mileage I was only 15 miles into the ride. I was feeling good and enjoying the perfect temps so it seemed way to early to head that way. Change of plans, lets turn right!

Marshville here I come, so after a short period of time I was in Marshville. I stop at the store, I look at my mileage and it says 21 so I figure "what the heck, lets do 40 tonight".

During the week I usually try to do around 20-25 miles just so I am not gone all evening. Last night was just to sweet. I went out of town and headed the long way around to the house. I went out to 5-points and then hung another right away from the house.

Down McIntyre and across lawyers all the way to New Salem Rd. Finally I turned left and headed home. One more left on Hwy200 and past the road I live on, I had 40 and knew I could add 3 more miles just by going around the block.

The bottom of the hill came and I made a right, time to take the helmet off and cool down. Up the hill and down the road taking my time in my smallest gear, two more rights and I was coming down the driveway.

Ride over, clock said it was 7:48. The light was fading and I knew it was around 7:30. Two and a half hours, 44 miles and 17.5 average speed! That was a good ride! 

My first thought was I need to turn around and go the long way to the store. I should have gone for 50! Yes it would have been dark by the time I got home and no I didn't have my lights. But from the store down the back road to the house I might have seen 1 car.

Oh well you only get so many nights like last night. The weather was perfect, wind was minimal and I just had that rhythm. Can't wait for the next ride!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back To The Bike ...............

Yes we are still the National Champions for the 8th time ! I love being able to say that . It's been a long time coming .

But now it's time to get back to the bike , yes I have been riding a lot lately . No reason in particular , other than the fact I love to ride .

I seem to enjoy riding more when I am at this stage than I do when I am racing all the time .

So with that being said I have been slowly getting all my stuff together for a tour . If you read this regularly you have heard me mention this . I think the last time I mentioned anything was back at Christmas when I got a few things for this purpose .

I rode for 4 days straight over the weekend and the end of last week , so for the last 2 days I have taken time off , letting my legs recover . My last ride Sunday I was really dragging by the time I got home so rest was in order .

I have been taking this time to put together most of my stuff and see where I am ?

I loaded the bike with everything but clothes and even took it for a test ride last night ! I had a grin from ear to ear . I know people where looking at me like what the hell, but I was having fun !

I have already come to the conclusion my panniers suck , when I decided I wanted to tour I got on line and ordered the first bags I found . Mistake number one .

They will work for short tours but if I ever find the time for a multi day tour they ain't gonna work ! To small ! As you can see I have a new handlebar bag , Ortlieb the best they make from what I have read . I bought it from a guy used , found him through a touring website ! This site is like the touring mecca for the touring enthusiast ! I still need front bags and a rack for the front , but right now I can at least get short rides in .

What you see here is basically everything but my clothes and food . Yes I still need another water bottle cage and a few odds and ends but I am almost there !

I have the bag on this side of the bike full and still have the other side empty , its for clothes and food .

This side has the following plus the stuff on top :   My tent
                                                                          Sleeping bag (in a dry bag)
                                                                          Therma-rest (for sleeping on)

In the bag I have the following :   Camp stove
                                                  Stove fuel
                                                  Zip ties (always need them)
                                                  Fork and spoon
                                                  Patch kit
                                                  Pots and pan (light weight)
                                                  Multi tool
                                                  Tire levers
                                                  Compass (wife felt I needed that)
                                                  Small first-aid kit
                                                  Air pillow
Where did I come up with this list ? Basically from reading what other people have taken . Trial and error will probably change it up , no doubt about that .

Front bar bag I have the following :     Sunscreen
                                                          Chap stick

I am hoping to get out next weekend , I would be in trouble if I tried to go this weekend ...........

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


14 LONG YEARS !!!!!!!!!! No bicycles today ! I was so pumped up when the game ended last night I couldn't go to bed till 1am !!

I LOVE Kentucky basketball and last night we finally got number 8 ! Our 8th national title !!! Lookout UCLA ..

I was jumping up and down , my heart was racing 150 beats a minute ! With a minute and half to go and Kansas cut the score to 5 points I was about to have a heart attack !!!!

the confetti came down......

the party was on !!!!

the man and his prize !!!!!!

then the nets came down....

the new banner!!!!!!!
Then time ticked by and we added a few free-throws , game over 8th title in the bag!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Once Again , Monday.........

I guess the highlight of the weekend would have to be the fact that my Kentucky Wildcats are still playing ! We have the National Championship tonight !

Of course my favorite team is the Kentucky Wildcats , and of all teams to end up in the championship with them would be the Kansas Jayhawks !

I grew up in Lexington and spent all my summers in Kansas !

So in a way , win or loss I am still coming out on top ! Go Kentucky !!!!

OK , I did ride my bike a lot ! I rode Saturday for about 40 miles and yesterday I went out for 35 . Between the 2 days my legs are tired !

I spent both days in the hills of Union County , by the time I crossed hwy 218 to come home yesterday I was really considering calling Cody to come get me !

Now that he has his license I have options ! Not good options , just options !

I hung in there and made it home but I was dragging !! I had nothing left , just the will to end the ride . I wanted to be done .

I kept telling myself just get home and take a few days of . You need a recovery day , you deserve it just get up this next hill and you will only have 5 more hills !

Yes I was counting them down !

So that makes today a rest day , a game day , a lazy day....

I do have one picture for you though , how many of these have you ever seen ?

Me ? One time on the road one time in a bike shop ! You gotta love the innovation , how it rides I have no ideal !!!!!!!!!!!!