Monday, March 31, 2014

High Speed, 2 Wheels,,,,,,,,

I road in the rain Saturday and was really looking forward to getting out in the wonderful temps yesterday. Even with the wind blowing I was dead set on riding. Well we went to lunch and on the way home I saw a guy trying to ride and the look on his face told me that was not a good ideal.

I don't know where he was coming from or going but he was moving like 2 miles an hour and looked like he would have rather been anywhere else in the world than on that bike at that given time! I decided to heed the look he had and do something else. I got out the Gold Wing!!!!

Yes it was windy but I figured I could handle it. I had the afternoon free so I took off. No set destination just a ride. About the time I got to the end of the driveway I decided to head over to the Sandy Run Motorcycle shop. Above Shelby and a 100 miles from the house. Once on the interstate I wondered if it was a good ideal or not, but I got in the groove and enjoyed the ride. I got there and hung out for a little while and then headed back home.

I was gone for about 5 hours and ended up with a couple hundred miles. It turned out to be a good ride, I can't wait to get back out again. Heck I actually rode the motorcycle to work today. It's gonna be really nice this week so I will probably ride it all week.

Then I came home and got to see my Kentucky Wildcats continue on to the final four so overall it was a good day!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just Like Old Times ,,,,,,,,,,,

It's been a while but I still remember the last time I had a good rain ride. One where you get caught in the rain not one where you leave in the rain. Yesterday I got caught! I left the house and headed east.

Wingate was the first stop followed by Marshville and then I turned north and went back to New Salem. About the time I got to New Salem the rain started! I was about 22 miles in at this point and about 12 miles from the house, and that would be the most direct route!

So of course I just went the other way. I ended up with 43 miles and was soaked by the time I made it home. A perfect ride! The temps were perfect and even though I was soaked I was smiling! Rides like that only happen you can't plan them. Plans never work out that great.

I know people thought I was crazy, they would pass and there I was pedaling along getting soaked and smiling like a cabbage patch kid!

                                               Life is good!!!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Curve Ball ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Yesterday I decided it was time to change things up! I have found lately I have no desire to ride the mountain bike, at least not around here, somewhere else maybe. Lately it's been the road bike and that only. But this week I haven't even felt like riding it. The weather hasn't really helped either but I really wanted to be outside so I did things a little different.

Yesterday I got home and loaded the wife and the dog up and we headed to the park! I haven't done that in months. The dog had a ball and we ended up walking about 5 miles. I planned to go and run the trails but the wife wanted to go and she didn't really know her way around. Next time I can go and she can walk while I run. I enjoyed it and she had a good time too.

We ended up getting home about 7:30 and then did dinner and that was it. Perfect evening! I do plan to do a little more running this year. It's good to change things up and see the woods in a different light. On a bike you are going so fast you miss a lot more than you think you would. Besides the dog loves new things, one of these days I hope to be able to take her mountain biking.

I know I said I was done talking about work but we have inventory this weekend, so I don't know how that will effect my riding. We'll just half to wait and see......

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sleepin' Good !!!!!!!!!

The one thing related to being so busy is the fact I am "Sleepin' Good". Im have always been the type to head to bed about 10-10:30 every night. For the last few weeks I have been heading to bed about 9 and sleeping like a rock. By 9pm I am lights out, and that's usually after a nap when I get home.

You wouldn't think sitting behind a desk all day and answering a phone and using a computer would wear you out so bad but it will. I am proof positive! Today I am actually caught up for the first time in 2 weeks! Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Once I figure out what I am doing I can stay on top of it a lot better. Then get back to my normal sleep schedule!

OK, back to my regular life. I have always kept the blog about me and the kids, not work. Nobody wants to read about my crappy job when they have their own crappy job! So if you need new windows or a new house built call me, if not we will move on.

As we know the weather has been crappy again and riding has been waiting until the change. When you get to ride and it's 70 one day and then 3 days later it's mid 30's again it really feels colder! I could have riden last night but I just couldn't bring myself to head out the door. I did end up putting on a toboggan and going out to play with the dog. Yea I just admitted I was wearing a toboggan last night. I know, that was pretty sad!

At least I am far enough off the road no one could see me looking like a dork! The dog didn't care what I looked like, she was just happy to have someone to play with. I hope that's the last time I need that hat!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Slow Down ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I don't know if I am gonna like this or not! Week before last I spent 2 days in class learning about windows and doors. Purpose of that was so I could do a lot more sales in that area. We need the help in that department so I am kinda crossing over now. It's all good because it's more knowledge and that always makes you more valuable.

As in make more money! Point is now I am so busy it's crazy! I barely have time to eat lunch now and blogging,,, well as you see I didn't even get to post yesterday! I am not complaining and I hope it will slow down when I have a better grasp of the whole deal. But right now my head is spinning. I have already sold a few house packages of windows but there are so many details to windows and doors it's crazy!

Right now I just don't feel totally comfortable, and that makes me nervous! I like to be in total control, I like knowing I know what I am doing when I quote and order things. It's time to "Slow Down" just a little!

Anyway, enough crying it's hard to really complain when I am busy and getting paid! I need that so I can play and ride. Now all I need is the weather to get back right! Damn if it ain't cold again, this winter is never gonna end............

Monday, March 24, 2014


After rereading my post this morning I did a little thinking. 78 miles and 5-1/2 hours. Impressive? No..... Do I care?                                                        No......

Can I do better, yes.... For the conditions, ie: the wind.. I am happy! My average for both rides was only about 14.5, that ain't smoking fast but I am usually only about a 17.5 average anyway. Saturday was really hard and yesterday I got a glimpse of things to come when the wind finally calms down and summer really starts. It felt good to hum along and listen to the wheels. Once the wind picked up all I could hear was the wind nothing else.

Now back to the first comment. Do I care?     I would if I had a goal to race cross country. But I don't. I am signed up for a few long mountain races and I am doing them more for the experience than looking for a medal. I just want to have fun! Which is exactly what I accomplished for the weekend! I spent 5 hours plus pedaling a bicycle and got to see all kinds of stuff I would never had payed attention to if I wasn't riding.

I continue to enjoy my new road bike and I can see the summer is gonna be really good. I have my mountain trip coming up and the riding is gonna be fun. Plus all the other things we plan to do while we are up there. You think I am gonna worry about average speed while I ride there....


Summer is gonna be good...........

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 2 .................

Yesterday was good today was even better! Yesterday I had a lot of wind to deal with but it was beautiful out so it was kinda hard to bitch about it. Today we had the rain coming and getting caught out in it last Sunday is what made me sick all week.

I watched the weather closely and decided I had enough of a window to get in a good ride. Besides the sun was actually shinning first thing today. Plus the wind was none existent! I headed out and made a nice 35 mile loop before the rain hit. The only headache was the wind really got up before I made it home.

The last 5 miles really sucked but again I was just happy to get in a good ride. Total for the weekend, somewhere around 78 miles and about 5 and a half hours pedaling!

All is well, the wife made it home today and my Kentucky Wildcats are still playing basketball!!!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

That Was Needed ,,,,,,,,,,

I finally got out today for a good ride. After sitting around for a week and feeling sorry for myself I went. I hit the road on my road bike. The wind was kicking but I knew I had no choice. If  I skipped it, it might be another week.

Yea, we have weather coming again. I think I said that yesterday but I will say it again. Anyway I still enjoyed the day I was out for 2 and a half hours. I started the ride watching the miles but I decided I just needed to ride and see what happens. That way I wasn't worried about how far I still had to go, I just went.

I ended up going out with the wind and then across it for a while. Eventually I had to pedal a while into it but I just spun and did what I had to do. Long story short I never checked my miles again, when I got home I looked and I was about 10 short of my goal. I wanted to get 50 but ended up with 38.6. Almost 40, even though I was short I was happy.

I didn't kill myself and the legs felt good. The longer I ride my new bike the more I like it. The gearing just seems to be right where I need it. I can pretty much spin up any hill and have the top side for when I need it. I look forward to getting back up to the mountains again. It's gonna be fun!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

It Just Get's Better,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

At least my health is anyway! I admit this week has been a little tough, I am steady feeling better but it's taken all week. You know it must be rough when I skip my rides all week. Granted it was raining on Tuesday but I have no excuse for Thursday. I just didn't feel good.

But now it's the weekend and I plan to ride. I know I will have to take it easy but that's cool. It's hard to not go out and play when they are calling for more bad weather again! Believe it or not they say we here in the Charlotte area are supposed to get another dose of "possible" freezing rain and possible ice the first of next week. Just like last weekend when I got caught riding in the cold rain, it's supposed to be nice tomorrow and rain again on Sunday.

When that damn groundhog saw his shadow this year he wasn't kidding with the 8 more weeks thing. This winter is never gonna end! Again people in upstate Michigan would love to have what we get. But to us it sucks!

So anyway the wife leaves and I am on my own. Cody and I are gonna manage but it will be tough! It's a sacrifice but I am tough! Takeout  and fast food!!! It's all you need.............

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Feel Better !!!!!!!

I can see the sun again! It's amazing how the sun can change peoples attitude so quick. I came to work this morning and that was the first thing anyone said, "at least we get sunshine today". It makes you smile when you haven't scene it in several days.

Hopefully it will carry over to the weekend. A few days and the trails should dry out, although I plan to spend my weekend on the road bike. It's still nice to have an option. The reason I am already talking about the weekend is I am all alone. Sorta anyway, Karen and Chase are headed to Kinston to see her brother and I am on my own. Cody is old enough I can give him cash and he's good to go so ride I shall!

I have been trying to get away for a full day and this looks like it will finally be the weekend I can make it happen. In a perfect world I could do an overnight ride but I don't want to leave Cody by himself all night. So day trip it is! Only question is where to go.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 2 !!!!!!!!!!!

Of my 2014 sickness! On the way home last night the auto parts store called and said my cold air intake system was already in. I made a U-turn and headed over, picked up my box and headed home. I had another stop on the way but that was for me, I was out of beer. I knew if we were gonna work on the truck I would for sure need a few beers.

Once Cody came home I put him to work. He actually did most of it before I came out to check on him. I was stuck working on the painting. Even though I felt like crap I worked on the bathroom. I just want it to end! So by the time I got out to the garage Cody had the throttle body spacer already installed and was starting on the new air intake. I just stood back and let him do it and if he had any questions I answered them.

About an hour later he had it all done and we where heading down the road test driving it. I have smart kids and it's always neat to see what they can accomplish. Chase is the computer genius and Cody is the natural mechanic. Between the two I got it made!

                                        I love kids!!!!!

Also I was trying to email something from my phone last night  and they had to teach me that..............

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sometimes It Happens.............

Not very often but once in a while I actually get sick. I guess having 70 and sunny on Saturday and then cold and rainy on Sunday was not doing me any good! I kinda felt it coming on Sunday but last night it really came knocking. I got home from work and just kinda layed around.

I ended up taking NyQuil before I went to bed and I finally sleep like a rock! I very rarely waste a full evening, so when I do you know I must not feel well! I finally got up and did a little caulking in the bathroom and that was it! That's right the bathroom isn't quit done yet but it will be in about another 3 hours work.

Believe me I am ready. I know I said last week I was gonna repaint the whole house, well that's changed!!! I hate painting! If I have my way we will pay someone to do the rest... Painting sucks!!!!!

Now back to everything else. It's Tuesday I have a meeting today and I was planning on riding today. One is a definite and one is a maybe. I am not sure I want to head out when I feel kinda crappy. I might just wait another day or so. If I go to hard now I will still be feeling bad come the weekend.

I don't need that right now. As I said I want to hit the mountains in top form! I want to get the most out of my week up there riding wise. So I guess I just talked myself out of a ride today. FYI: It's still raining and cold as hell again. We actually had ice warnings this morning. No wonder I feel bad!!!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

That Was Cool...........

Saturday was a nice easy ride at cane Creek, I haven't been down there in a while so it was nice to be back. The trails have actually held up well over the winter. Only one or two spots really need work and that's about it. The day use side got hit by a 4 wheeler sometime over the last few months but it wasn't to bad. All the leaves from fall are composting well and it will be sweet before long. It just needs to clear a little bit more and spring/summer riding season will be here. I will be spending time down there on a regular basis.

Yesterday started with an early road ride trying to beat the rain. It worked out about half way, I got to ride. Not a long ride but at least a ride. I did get caught by the rain, a cold rain too! The last few miles where wet but I didn't melt. With the effort I got in my 4 rides for the week. I had Tuesday and Thursday along with Saturday and Sunday. As long as I keep this up it's gonna be a good year. I am a little over 4 weeks from our trip to the mountains so I should be good to go by then.

I look forward to being strong enough to do a few good rides. I have one 14 mile climb that is on my mind! I would love to be able to kill it! All I need to do is keep riding and get ready. It should workout.

After my rain ride I came home and Chase and I loaded up and headed to Charlotte! The North American Hand Built Bicycle Show was in town and we went! First time I have been to a show like that, we had a good time. It's amazing how many custom bike makers there are. Probably half of them don't even do shows like this so I can only imagine how many there really are. We got to see some really neat high end stuff. I finally got to see a wooden bicycle up close.

I had never scene one in person! They look so delicate you just wouldn't think they could stand up to the use and abuse. The first one we came to even had wooden rims, and right beside it was a finishers medal for the Leadville 100! The guy standing there was the builder and the rider who finished it! I was impressed! Then I damn near passed out when he said what the bike was selling for! $10,000!!!!!!!!

Granted it had carbon fiber everything and a $3500 dollar Rolhoff  integrated hub! I asked if he sold frames only but he said he preferred to build complete bikes. That way he could get it right right down to the smallest details. From what I gather about any custom frame is gonna be in the 1200-1400 range. That being a frame only! Then most all complete bikes are gonna be around 5000. Not that I was in the market to buy anything yesterday but it was neat to see what it would take to go custom.

I think it would be cool to ride something you hardly ever see on the trails or road. That's kinda why I was riding my old Bridgestone. To be different! My wife knows me well enough that when I got home yesterday the first thing she asked was what did I buy. I just laughed at that one. Then when I told her what the custom world costs she just looked at me. I told her the show is only once a year and it will be out west next year.

She seemed relieved!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Old Dog,,,, New Tricks,,,,,,,,,,,,

I would consider myself a medium aged dog in stead of an old dog but it is what it is! For the last 2 days I have been at Windsor window company learning all about their products. For the last several years I have concentrated on the decking and railing products, along with doors.

Plus everything else we do. We have always had a couple of guys who do the windows. When things got slow a few years ago we let one of them go. The other guy has been able to handle it since, but now that we are getting busier he needs help! The interesting thing about this is the fact that we have no plans to hire anyone else for this job. It's gonna be added to my list of things to do.

Not like I have all this free time on my hands..... But the reason we aren't hiring anyone else is because of our fantastic new government health insurance. The 50 employee rule! We are at 46 and will need to hire a few more drivers over the next few years, that means we are tapped out as far as office personnel goes! So instead of growing our company back up to the 80 employee's we where at 5 years ago we will never be that big again. We will be at our max of 49.....

Plus the 3 employee's we end up hiring make a whole lot less than the office people. So that means less tax revenue for our fine government to keep up all the deadbeats they keep up now! Gee that makes a lot of sense......

OK, my rant is over. Now on to the weekend! The weather is gonna be great and I am gonna be riding.....

Go outside and play...................

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Forgot !!!!!!!!!

I would have posted something but I forgot all about it. I have spent the last 2 days in work training. I am learning more about the window end of sales. Be back at work tomorrow, and back to normal!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First Of The Year !!!!!!!!!

That's today! Today will be the first after work evening ride of the year. Not that my wife is to happy about it but what the hell. I could have started the job later. The job being bathroom paint job! Yea, I started painting the bathroom last night and I am going riding tonight. It can wait!

I have been riding as much as possible and have a few big things planned for the year and I really want to do well. It all starts with a plan. A training plan, nothing to fancy or hard but at least a plan of some sorts. Mainly I just plan to ride more consistent. As in I am gonna ride 4 days a week, baring any weather delays.

                                                   Or bathroom project!

I just want to be able to ride hard in the mountains! With my plans to race all year in the hills I want to be stronger. Four days a week will be a good start.

Back to the bathroom! I worked on it for 3 hours last night and I swear you wouldn't know it. I haven't painted anything in years and I now know why. I removed all the wall art and taped off all the trim, then did the cut ins. Now I am ready for the roller. Plus I had to scrape and re apply drywall around the top of the shower. The way I figure I have about 3 more good nights worth of work before I can move on to the next room.

Yea, I said next! I plan to work my way through the whole house! By the end of summer I should be done.............

Monday, March 10, 2014

Tan Lines !!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we are talking! After spending the better part of the day Saturday and a couple of hours Sunday riding. We now have "Tan Lines". That pretty much sums up my weekend, I got in a good ride Saturday. Fifty miles to be exact! Then 30 yesterday.

That makes a good weekend. Total: 80 miles, 5000ft of climbing and 6 hours on the bike. I love it when the weather is like it was. Plus we had the time change! Now I can play outside till at least 7:30, and everyday that gets later. I already have plans for tomorrow after work. If I can stay on my present schedule I will be able to get about 150 miles a week!

That would be a first! I have never been able to get that many miles a week. It seems like in the best of times it was a 100 a week. I hope I can finally get over that barrier! With the races I have entered this year I would like to really be able to ride in the front half of the field. I don't expect to win but it would be nice to be in front of the better half of the field.

Now back to my weekend. Saturday I had Cody drop me of in New Salem and I had a plan. We had so much rain last week I figured Rocky River would be really raging. It was too. I went over through Oakboro and had a loop planned, it involved a low bridge and I new it might be iffy. Well I get there and sure enough the river is even over the bridge! To be over the bridge it has to be at least 12ft high.

Since it was blocked I turned around and headed back to Oakboro. From there to Stanfield and back to Monroe. It made for a really nice ride. Followed by a shorter ride on Sunday, I feel like I put in a good weekend. Now if I can get out tomorrow and Thursday I will be rocking!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Lapse or Laps,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Call it what ya want but I went off the deep end yesterday! I wrote my blog and then went and read Dicky's blog.  He was talking about all these races he has planned for the year and he posted links to all of them. Next thing I know I am signed up for a couple of them and giving serious thought to a few of the others.

What the hell was I thinking! For some reason they all seemed  like good ideas. I love the mountains and I need a few goals for the year. I know I won't be winning any of them but you tend to do the bigger races like these for personal goals more than any other reason. Last year I did Jerrodon Mtn. challenge and now I have a goal to do better this year.

It's gonna be a fun summer! All I need is a reason to head west, any reason at all works for me. Here is the current list of reason's:     Pisgah 55.5k that's May 18th then I have Jerrodon Mtn. Challenge in July. Those are booked, I keep looking at the Iron Mountain 100k at the end of June. It seems to be calling my name. I plan to think about it over the weekend then make a decision.

Also in September there is the Pisgah Monster Cross. A 70 mile gravel road race that I would like to do. We can't forget the Swank 65 in November either. The mountains are full of races I want to do!

So for now I need to ride! Tomorrow is gonna be great and I am gonna be riding. I have about 8 weeks to get ready for the first one so it's time to get busy...........

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fail ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As I sat there and stared at the trail I thought about every root rock turn hump and bump between the start and finish. Then I said a few words I can't really repeat on here and turned around and went the store. I had a plan and I had all my stuff, I even had good intentions!

Looking back I know in the back of my mind I didn't want to ride the mountain bike anyway! When you are talking about how tired of the same trails you are before you even go you must already know! I can literally ride every trail in town in my head without going. The only trails that spark my interest right now are to far away to go during the week. So I guess I am just going to skip this week and start new next week.

On the road bike.. I go through these spells every once in awhile. Usually it's right before we go on a trip or something, and guess what! We go on a trip next month! I have a week off and we are heading to the mountains. I spent half the day yesterday looking at maps and laying out routes I plan to ride! Plus I already know where I plan to ride to ride the mountain bike!

With such sweet riding ahead on really sweet trails I just can't get motivated to ride the local trails right now. This weekend I plan to ride the road and hopefully get over to Uhwarrie. plus get things started for our trip. The best thing about a camper is the fact we can pack closets and when we roll we roll.

Now let's get to the weekend. They claim it's gonna be warm again.........

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Just the thought about time change and the weather breaking has me "Itchin". I fixed one of the mountain bikes last night and loaded up all my stuff for a ride today! All I had to do was fix a tire on my full suspension bike. I flatted back around Thanksgiving while riding it and haven't touched it since.

Then I popped the chain on my 29er and I haven't been to the bike shop yet so it sits in the corner waiting. If I fix it as fast as I fixed the other one I will be rolling around June! You see I let them sit that long and then ride them and it's like I got a new bike again! Not really but I am just lazy, when you have 4 bikes, repairs can wait!

Right now I am still on the road bike kick. The only reason I am riding the woods today is because I am waiting on the time change. I don't like the ideal of being on the road when the sun is at that one angle where people can't see. Starting next week I will have time. This week I am heading to the woods one more time..

I think the reason I get so burned out on the mountain bike is because I just get tired of riding the same trails over and over. Yes we have 12 different trails around here but when you have ridden for 20 years you get tired of all 12! At least I do.......

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Wait 5 Minutes ,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you don't like the weather "Wait 5 Minutes". I think that should apply here as well as Montana! Sunday it was 70 degrees and today we are back down below 20 for the start of the day. I like 70!

We even had sleet and snow flurries last night. That was pretty neat, if we could have had some accumulation it would have been nice. But then again I ain't complaining! Time change is this weekend and it's gonna be sweet. We are one day closer to getting more sunshine.

With the time changes I will finally be able to ride after work. I am bumping on a hundred miles a week now, next week I will be able to consistently ride that. Things are looking up.....

We are really busy here today so I am gonna cut it short. Until tomorrow.......

Monday, March 3, 2014

Lesson Learned, That Was fun !!!!!!!!!!

Let's start with the "Lesson", just a few rides ago one of buddies asked me a question. I credit him for this happening! He mentioned it and it's been on my mind since! We had stopped to fix a flat and he made mention that I didn't carry any tools. He asked what happened when I do need tools.

My reply was that usually someone in my group had tools. I told him I wasn't being smart and yes I should be carrying stuff but with running tubeless tires I hardly ever flatted. That's true, except the reason I walked out of the woods was not a flat! I walked out because I snapped a chain!

I was about as far from the truck as I could have been and bam! Chain popped and I had no replacement master link! All I could do was start walking, for a solid hour I walked up and down over and around. I coasted every chance I could and I had some good down hills. It still took a solid hour! I was at Uhwarrie National Forest.....

Believe it or not I actually enjoyed it! As I said I coasted when I had a chance and the rest of the time I just walked along and enjoyed the scenery. It was really quit nice! The weather was perfect and the sun was shinning. I don't want to make a habit of it but I could do a hike at some point. It made me think about trail running also, that seems to be pretty popular right now. I might have to give it a shot...

So that was Saturday. Sunday the weather was even better! I managed to get out about eleven o'clock, I had Cody take me to Marshville and dump me out. That way I could get further out and stay with my theme of trying new roads. Or at least ride roads I never get to. I knew when I left the wind was gonna suck but it's part of it. I headed to Peachland and then back over through Deep Springs area. From there I crossed Hwy 218 and made a big loop around through New Salem.

That's when I found the wind! Every last bit of it! Straight in my face all the way home. I went back over to Polk mountain store and got something to eat. I was hoping the wind might change while I ate but it didn't. When I got back on the road and started my way home it was tough. I had to work for every pedal stroke. Once I made it I was happy and glad to be home.

I am already thinking about where I want to be dumped out next week. That worked out really well, I am thinking even further down the road. If I started in Polkton and made my way over to Ansonville and back to Norwood. Then made my turn for the house I could easily rack up 60-70 miles on some good lightly traveled roads. Spring is right around the corner and I am looking forward to this year it's gonna be fun..........