Monday, March 17, 2014

That Was Cool...........

Saturday was a nice easy ride at cane Creek, I haven't been down there in a while so it was nice to be back. The trails have actually held up well over the winter. Only one or two spots really need work and that's about it. The day use side got hit by a 4 wheeler sometime over the last few months but it wasn't to bad. All the leaves from fall are composting well and it will be sweet before long. It just needs to clear a little bit more and spring/summer riding season will be here. I will be spending time down there on a regular basis.

Yesterday started with an early road ride trying to beat the rain. It worked out about half way, I got to ride. Not a long ride but at least a ride. I did get caught by the rain, a cold rain too! The last few miles where wet but I didn't melt. With the effort I got in my 4 rides for the week. I had Tuesday and Thursday along with Saturday and Sunday. As long as I keep this up it's gonna be a good year. I am a little over 4 weeks from our trip to the mountains so I should be good to go by then.

I look forward to being strong enough to do a few good rides. I have one 14 mile climb that is on my mind! I would love to be able to kill it! All I need to do is keep riding and get ready. It should workout.

After my rain ride I came home and Chase and I loaded up and headed to Charlotte! The North American Hand Built Bicycle Show was in town and we went! First time I have been to a show like that, we had a good time. It's amazing how many custom bike makers there are. Probably half of them don't even do shows like this so I can only imagine how many there really are. We got to see some really neat high end stuff. I finally got to see a wooden bicycle up close.

I had never scene one in person! They look so delicate you just wouldn't think they could stand up to the use and abuse. The first one we came to even had wooden rims, and right beside it was a finishers medal for the Leadville 100! The guy standing there was the builder and the rider who finished it! I was impressed! Then I damn near passed out when he said what the bike was selling for! $10,000!!!!!!!!

Granted it had carbon fiber everything and a $3500 dollar Rolhoff  integrated hub! I asked if he sold frames only but he said he preferred to build complete bikes. That way he could get it right right down to the smallest details. From what I gather about any custom frame is gonna be in the 1200-1400 range. That being a frame only! Then most all complete bikes are gonna be around 5000. Not that I was in the market to buy anything yesterday but it was neat to see what it would take to go custom.

I think it would be cool to ride something you hardly ever see on the trails or road. That's kinda why I was riding my old Bridgestone. To be different! My wife knows me well enough that when I got home yesterday the first thing she asked was what did I buy. I just laughed at that one. Then when I told her what the custom world costs she just looked at me. I told her the show is only once a year and it will be out west next year.

She seemed relieved!!!!!!!!

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