Friday, March 21, 2014

It Just Get's Better,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

At least my health is anyway! I admit this week has been a little tough, I am steady feeling better but it's taken all week. You know it must be rough when I skip my rides all week. Granted it was raining on Tuesday but I have no excuse for Thursday. I just didn't feel good.

But now it's the weekend and I plan to ride. I know I will have to take it easy but that's cool. It's hard to not go out and play when they are calling for more bad weather again! Believe it or not they say we here in the Charlotte area are supposed to get another dose of "possible" freezing rain and possible ice the first of next week. Just like last weekend when I got caught riding in the cold rain, it's supposed to be nice tomorrow and rain again on Sunday.

When that damn groundhog saw his shadow this year he wasn't kidding with the 8 more weeks thing. This winter is never gonna end! Again people in upstate Michigan would love to have what we get. But to us it sucks!

So anyway the wife leaves and I am on my own. Cody and I are gonna manage but it will be tough! It's a sacrifice but I am tough! Takeout  and fast food!!! It's all you need.............

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