Monday, March 3, 2014

Lesson Learned, That Was fun !!!!!!!!!!

Let's start with the "Lesson", just a few rides ago one of buddies asked me a question. I credit him for this happening! He mentioned it and it's been on my mind since! We had stopped to fix a flat and he made mention that I didn't carry any tools. He asked what happened when I do need tools.

My reply was that usually someone in my group had tools. I told him I wasn't being smart and yes I should be carrying stuff but with running tubeless tires I hardly ever flatted. That's true, except the reason I walked out of the woods was not a flat! I walked out because I snapped a chain!

I was about as far from the truck as I could have been and bam! Chain popped and I had no replacement master link! All I could do was start walking, for a solid hour I walked up and down over and around. I coasted every chance I could and I had some good down hills. It still took a solid hour! I was at Uhwarrie National Forest.....

Believe it or not I actually enjoyed it! As I said I coasted when I had a chance and the rest of the time I just walked along and enjoyed the scenery. It was really quit nice! The weather was perfect and the sun was shinning. I don't want to make a habit of it but I could do a hike at some point. It made me think about trail running also, that seems to be pretty popular right now. I might have to give it a shot...

So that was Saturday. Sunday the weather was even better! I managed to get out about eleven o'clock, I had Cody take me to Marshville and dump me out. That way I could get further out and stay with my theme of trying new roads. Or at least ride roads I never get to. I knew when I left the wind was gonna suck but it's part of it. I headed to Peachland and then back over through Deep Springs area. From there I crossed Hwy 218 and made a big loop around through New Salem.

That's when I found the wind! Every last bit of it! Straight in my face all the way home. I went back over to Polk mountain store and got something to eat. I was hoping the wind might change while I ate but it didn't. When I got back on the road and started my way home it was tough. I had to work for every pedal stroke. Once I made it I was happy and glad to be home.

I am already thinking about where I want to be dumped out next week. That worked out really well, I am thinking even further down the road. If I started in Polkton and made my way over to Ansonville and back to Norwood. Then made my turn for the house I could easily rack up 60-70 miles on some good lightly traveled roads. Spring is right around the corner and I am looking forward to this year it's gonna be fun..........

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