Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 2 .................

Yesterday was good today was even better! Yesterday I had a lot of wind to deal with but it was beautiful out so it was kinda hard to bitch about it. Today we had the rain coming and getting caught out in it last Sunday is what made me sick all week.

I watched the weather closely and decided I had enough of a window to get in a good ride. Besides the sun was actually shinning first thing today. Plus the wind was none existent! I headed out and made a nice 35 mile loop before the rain hit. The only headache was the wind really got up before I made it home.

The last 5 miles really sucked but again I was just happy to get in a good ride. Total for the weekend, somewhere around 78 miles and about 5 and a half hours pedaling!

All is well, the wife made it home today and my Kentucky Wildcats are still playing basketball!!!!!!

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