Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Just the thought about time change and the weather breaking has me "Itchin". I fixed one of the mountain bikes last night and loaded up all my stuff for a ride today! All I had to do was fix a tire on my full suspension bike. I flatted back around Thanksgiving while riding it and haven't touched it since.

Then I popped the chain on my 29er and I haven't been to the bike shop yet so it sits in the corner waiting. If I fix it as fast as I fixed the other one I will be rolling around June! You see I let them sit that long and then ride them and it's like I got a new bike again! Not really but I am just lazy, when you have 4 bikes, repairs can wait!

Right now I am still on the road bike kick. The only reason I am riding the woods today is because I am waiting on the time change. I don't like the ideal of being on the road when the sun is at that one angle where people can't see. Starting next week I will have time. This week I am heading to the woods one more time..

I think the reason I get so burned out on the mountain bike is because I just get tired of riding the same trails over and over. Yes we have 12 different trails around here but when you have ridden for 20 years you get tired of all 12! At least I do.......

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