Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Slow Down ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

I don't know if I am gonna like this or not! Week before last I spent 2 days in class learning about windows and doors. Purpose of that was so I could do a lot more sales in that area. We need the help in that department so I am kinda crossing over now. It's all good because it's more knowledge and that always makes you more valuable.

As in make more money! Point is now I am so busy it's crazy! I barely have time to eat lunch now and blogging,,, well as you see I didn't even get to post yesterday! I am not complaining and I hope it will slow down when I have a better grasp of the whole deal. But right now my head is spinning. I have already sold a few house packages of windows but there are so many details to windows and doors it's crazy!

Right now I just don't feel totally comfortable, and that makes me nervous! I like to be in total control, I like knowing I know what I am doing when I quote and order things. It's time to "Slow Down" just a little!

Anyway, enough crying it's hard to really complain when I am busy and getting paid! I need that so I can play and ride. Now all I need is the weather to get back right! Damn if it ain't cold again, this winter is never gonna end............

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