Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Feel Better !!!!!!!

I can see the sun again! It's amazing how the sun can change peoples attitude so quick. I came to work this morning and that was the first thing anyone said, "at least we get sunshine today". It makes you smile when you haven't scene it in several days.

Hopefully it will carry over to the weekend. A few days and the trails should dry out, although I plan to spend my weekend on the road bike. It's still nice to have an option. The reason I am already talking about the weekend is I am all alone. Sorta anyway, Karen and Chase are headed to Kinston to see her brother and I am on my own. Cody is old enough I can give him cash and he's good to go so ride I shall!

I have been trying to get away for a full day and this looks like it will finally be the weekend I can make it happen. In a perfect world I could do an overnight ride but I don't want to leave Cody by himself all night. So day trip it is! Only question is where to go.

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