Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sometimes It Happens.............

Not very often but once in a while I actually get sick. I guess having 70 and sunny on Saturday and then cold and rainy on Sunday was not doing me any good! I kinda felt it coming on Sunday but last night it really came knocking. I got home from work and just kinda layed around.

I ended up taking NyQuil before I went to bed and I finally sleep like a rock! I very rarely waste a full evening, so when I do you know I must not feel well! I finally got up and did a little caulking in the bathroom and that was it! That's right the bathroom isn't quit done yet but it will be in about another 3 hours work.

Believe me I am ready. I know I said last week I was gonna repaint the whole house, well that's changed!!! I hate painting! If I have my way we will pay someone to do the rest... Painting sucks!!!!!

Now back to everything else. It's Tuesday I have a meeting today and I was planning on riding today. One is a definite and one is a maybe. I am not sure I want to head out when I feel kinda crappy. I might just wait another day or so. If I go to hard now I will still be feeling bad come the weekend.

I don't need that right now. As I said I want to hit the mountains in top form! I want to get the most out of my week up there riding wise. So I guess I just talked myself out of a ride today. FYI: It's still raining and cold as hell again. We actually had ice warnings this morning. No wonder I feel bad!!!!!!

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