Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fail ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

As I sat there and stared at the trail I thought about every root rock turn hump and bump between the start and finish. Then I said a few words I can't really repeat on here and turned around and went the store. I had a plan and I had all my stuff, I even had good intentions!

Looking back I know in the back of my mind I didn't want to ride the mountain bike anyway! When you are talking about how tired of the same trails you are before you even go you must already know! I can literally ride every trail in town in my head without going. The only trails that spark my interest right now are to far away to go during the week. So I guess I am just going to skip this week and start new next week.

On the road bike.. I go through these spells every once in awhile. Usually it's right before we go on a trip or something, and guess what! We go on a trip next month! I have a week off and we are heading to the mountains. I spent half the day yesterday looking at maps and laying out routes I plan to ride! Plus I already know where I plan to ride to ride the mountain bike!

With such sweet riding ahead on really sweet trails I just can't get motivated to ride the local trails right now. This weekend I plan to ride the road and hopefully get over to Uhwarrie. plus get things started for our trip. The best thing about a camper is the fact we can pack closets and when we roll we roll.

Now let's get to the weekend. They claim it's gonna be warm again.........

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