Monday, March 24, 2014


After rereading my post this morning I did a little thinking. 78 miles and 5-1/2 hours. Impressive? No..... Do I care?                                                        No......

Can I do better, yes.... For the conditions, ie: the wind.. I am happy! My average for both rides was only about 14.5, that ain't smoking fast but I am usually only about a 17.5 average anyway. Saturday was really hard and yesterday I got a glimpse of things to come when the wind finally calms down and summer really starts. It felt good to hum along and listen to the wheels. Once the wind picked up all I could hear was the wind nothing else.

Now back to the first comment. Do I care?     I would if I had a goal to race cross country. But I don't. I am signed up for a few long mountain races and I am doing them more for the experience than looking for a medal. I just want to have fun! Which is exactly what I accomplished for the weekend! I spent 5 hours plus pedaling a bicycle and got to see all kinds of stuff I would never had payed attention to if I wasn't riding.

I continue to enjoy my new road bike and I can see the summer is gonna be really good. I have my mountain trip coming up and the riding is gonna be fun. Plus all the other things we plan to do while we are up there. You think I am gonna worry about average speed while I ride there....


Summer is gonna be good...........

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