Tuesday, March 11, 2014

First Of The Year !!!!!!!!!

That's today! Today will be the first after work evening ride of the year. Not that my wife is to happy about it but what the hell. I could have started the job later. The job being bathroom paint job! Yea, I started painting the bathroom last night and I am going riding tonight. It can wait!

I have been riding as much as possible and have a few big things planned for the year and I really want to do well. It all starts with a plan. A training plan, nothing to fancy or hard but at least a plan of some sorts. Mainly I just plan to ride more consistent. As in I am gonna ride 4 days a week, baring any weather delays.

                                                   Or bathroom project!

I just want to be able to ride hard in the mountains! With my plans to race all year in the hills I want to be stronger. Four days a week will be a good start.

Back to the bathroom! I worked on it for 3 hours last night and I swear you wouldn't know it. I haven't painted anything in years and I now know why. I removed all the wall art and taped off all the trim, then did the cut ins. Now I am ready for the roller. Plus I had to scrape and re apply drywall around the top of the shower. The way I figure I have about 3 more good nights worth of work before I can move on to the next room.

Yea, I said next! I plan to work my way through the whole house! By the end of summer I should be done.............

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