Monday, March 10, 2014

Tan Lines !!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we are talking! After spending the better part of the day Saturday and a couple of hours Sunday riding. We now have "Tan Lines". That pretty much sums up my weekend, I got in a good ride Saturday. Fifty miles to be exact! Then 30 yesterday.

That makes a good weekend. Total: 80 miles, 5000ft of climbing and 6 hours on the bike. I love it when the weather is like it was. Plus we had the time change! Now I can play outside till at least 7:30, and everyday that gets later. I already have plans for tomorrow after work. If I can stay on my present schedule I will be able to get about 150 miles a week!

That would be a first! I have never been able to get that many miles a week. It seems like in the best of times it was a 100 a week. I hope I can finally get over that barrier! With the races I have entered this year I would like to really be able to ride in the front half of the field. I don't expect to win but it would be nice to be in front of the better half of the field.

Now back to my weekend. Saturday I had Cody drop me of in New Salem and I had a plan. We had so much rain last week I figured Rocky River would be really raging. It was too. I went over through Oakboro and had a loop planned, it involved a low bridge and I new it might be iffy. Well I get there and sure enough the river is even over the bridge! To be over the bridge it has to be at least 12ft high.

Since it was blocked I turned around and headed back to Oakboro. From there to Stanfield and back to Monroe. It made for a really nice ride. Followed by a shorter ride on Sunday, I feel like I put in a good weekend. Now if I can get out tomorrow and Thursday I will be rocking!!!!!!!!!!

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