Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 2 !!!!!!!!!!!

Of my 2014 sickness! On the way home last night the auto parts store called and said my cold air intake system was already in. I made a U-turn and headed over, picked up my box and headed home. I had another stop on the way but that was for me, I was out of beer. I knew if we were gonna work on the truck I would for sure need a few beers.

Once Cody came home I put him to work. He actually did most of it before I came out to check on him. I was stuck working on the painting. Even though I felt like crap I worked on the bathroom. I just want it to end! So by the time I got out to the garage Cody had the throttle body spacer already installed and was starting on the new air intake. I just stood back and let him do it and if he had any questions I answered them.

About an hour later he had it all done and we where heading down the road test driving it. I have smart kids and it's always neat to see what they can accomplish. Chase is the computer genius and Cody is the natural mechanic. Between the two I got it made!

                                        I love kids!!!!!

Also I was trying to email something from my phone last night  and they had to teach me that..............

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