Friday, March 7, 2014

Lapse or Laps,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Call it what ya want but I went off the deep end yesterday! I wrote my blog and then went and read Dicky's blog.  He was talking about all these races he has planned for the year and he posted links to all of them. Next thing I know I am signed up for a couple of them and giving serious thought to a few of the others.

What the hell was I thinking! For some reason they all seemed  like good ideas. I love the mountains and I need a few goals for the year. I know I won't be winning any of them but you tend to do the bigger races like these for personal goals more than any other reason. Last year I did Jerrodon Mtn. challenge and now I have a goal to do better this year.

It's gonna be a fun summer! All I need is a reason to head west, any reason at all works for me. Here is the current list of reason's:     Pisgah 55.5k that's May 18th then I have Jerrodon Mtn. Challenge in July. Those are booked, I keep looking at the Iron Mountain 100k at the end of June. It seems to be calling my name. I plan to think about it over the weekend then make a decision.

Also in September there is the Pisgah Monster Cross. A 70 mile gravel road race that I would like to do. We can't forget the Swank 65 in November either. The mountains are full of races I want to do!

So for now I need to ride! Tomorrow is gonna be great and I am gonna be riding. I have about 8 weeks to get ready for the first one so it's time to get busy...........

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