Saturday, March 22, 2014

That Was Needed ,,,,,,,,,,

I finally got out today for a good ride. After sitting around for a week and feeling sorry for myself I went. I hit the road on my road bike. The wind was kicking but I knew I had no choice. If  I skipped it, it might be another week.

Yea, we have weather coming again. I think I said that yesterday but I will say it again. Anyway I still enjoyed the day I was out for 2 and a half hours. I started the ride watching the miles but I decided I just needed to ride and see what happens. That way I wasn't worried about how far I still had to go, I just went.

I ended up going out with the wind and then across it for a while. Eventually I had to pedal a while into it but I just spun and did what I had to do. Long story short I never checked my miles again, when I got home I looked and I was about 10 short of my goal. I wanted to get 50 but ended up with 38.6. Almost 40, even though I was short I was happy.

I didn't kill myself and the legs felt good. The longer I ride my new bike the more I like it. The gearing just seems to be right where I need it. I can pretty much spin up any hill and have the top side for when I need it. I look forward to getting back up to the mountains again. It's gonna be fun!!

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