Friday, September 28, 2012

Times Closing In !!!!!!!!!!

I am supposed to go to the mountains this weekend and ride Pisgah. I want to go, I would like to go, but I might not go.... Why.. I love Pisgah and jump at every chance I get to go! Yet I am seriously thinking about skipping it!

Again why?

Because Poplar closes on Monday and I really do hate to see the place go! Now that it's time for it to close I want to get in as many rides as possible there. Last night we meet Scott there for a night ride and Cody managed to flat a mile in. I wanted to ride with him! Now I feel like we need to go back and finish the ride. Scott and I got in a good lap, but no Cody.

He went to the store and hung out in the parking lot while we rode. Yes the place was packed again and I imagine it will be all weekend. That makes it even more fun! Hell I think I am gonna hit it Sunday night, and really be like the last person to ride there! Just me and the boy.

The wife would be a little happier with me considering she has been home from work most of the week sick! I could get away with going at least 2 more times. Not counting Sunday night.

I stole this picture from by boy Muddiman. This is one sad sign!

I know I have already said this but I was riding here when it was only 3 miles long! And had no bridges or features! You waded or plowed thru the creeks! I swear I hope the local trail building club took a lot of notes from this place. It is old school riding at it's best.

If the Andrew boys had been contracted to build Sherman Branch we would have a 30 mile trail there instead of 11 short miles. It would have been a more fun trail and less of a speedway. Sherman is nice don't get me wrong but it could have been a lot more!

So anyway last night was fun, Scott and I blasted around in the dark for an hour and had a good time.

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