Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Times Are Changing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got home and talked to the wife for a few, said hi to my mom and hit the road. Almost immediately I could feel the change in the air. Yes I was sweating and it was humid but you can feel the change coming.

Fall is right around the corner! It's time to start pulling out the fall gear. So I was pedaling along and enjoying the ride. Then without warning pow! Pizzzzzzzz, and the front tire was flat.

The funny part of it is at that given moment I was thinking about the fact that I was still running the same tube in the front tire that came with the bike! No kidding, the other day I was tuning it up and realized I still had the same tube that came with the bike in there.

5 years and it was still holding air! When I realized that the other day I put together a pack to put under my seat. As I have said before, I am kinda slack on carrying tools. The ride gods must have been looking out for me!

I did have a good view while I was changing it. It blew out on a hill so I was looking at the valley. Now for the funny part.

Believe it or not I have never had to use one of those C02 canisters before. Anytime I have had a flat I always had a pump or something! Yesterday was the first time and it worked perfect! I was rather impressed!

So anyway by the time I got home the sun was getting way low.. I am already noticing the shorter days.

I got a few good shots though...

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