Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Almost Over....................

20 plus years of riding and it's almost over. Poplar Tent "Beach Springs" mtn bike park will officially close on Monday October 1st. When I started riding there it was 1991. You used to park and go across the street to pay, you would leave your 2 dollars in a tool box on the front porch.

Now they have a covered kiosk and info center at the parking lot. The fee is 3 dollars now. Well worth it! The Andrews family originally used the trail for there own training. Both of the brothers Mike and Larry raced motocross for years. Then when mtn biking took off they opened it up for everybody to use.

Back then the trail was only 3 miles long, it was the best 3 miles in town! We used to ride there back before they had bridges and all the other stuff. We used to crash right thru the creeks. One time we went there when it was pouring rain and had to wade the creeks, believe it or not the water was damn near 3ft deep! Up to our waist, it was a ball that day.

Again that was back when nobody cried about riding after a rain shower. I still don't like the 24 hour rule. What a joke! Anyway, now the trail is almost 11 miles long and fun as hell! It is by far the most technical trail in the Charlotte area, the local mtn bike club should really take notes from the place. They made more use of land than any other spot in Charlotte.

Monday evening Scott and I made a trip out there  and had a ball. It was a fast ride so no I didn't get any pictures. But we are meeting there tomorrow night for a night ride. The last one! Cody is going and it's gonna be fun.

I swear I am gonna miss the place. Times change and things change, it just sucks to loose such a wonderful trail. It's hard to believe I used to ride there before I even had kids and now I ride there with my kid!!!!!!

I am gonna get there early enough I can get a few pics tomorrow night and I will probably get back there again before Monday.....

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