Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Little Off.......

Yep, my 80 percent estimate was a little high! It's more like 55%. I found this out last night. If I was 80 I would have felt a lot better. I tried to ride Sherman last night and couldn't even make it a full lap!

I pulled the plug about the time I hit the lake loop. I took the emergency exit back to the parking lot, slowly, very slowly......

I ran out of energy so bad it wasn't even funny. Then went home and went straight to the couch. Took a nap and made a pizza, then went straight to bed. I was sound asleep by 8:30! That hasn't happened in a long time.

I think tonight will be another rest night and maybe I will try again tomorrow night. We don't have any plans for Friday night so I might as well try to ride. I know I am ready for this to end that's for sure. Being sick ruined last weekend I sure hope it doesn't ruin this weekend.

I will say this much my fork is the bomb! I still am learning to love it, this was only the 2nd ride I've had on it. So I am still noticing things or actions I haven't noticed yet. I will say it again, the front stays planted like it's nailed down!!!! Makes me feel like I have a new bike.

One last thing I don't brag about my kids nearly enough. I usually talk about them when they come out and play. Not when they do something good. But both of them have made me very proud in the last few days. Chase and Cody both are doing really well in school this year, like a total turn around! Both have been slack the last few years and push it to the end of the year before they finish strong.

It gets on my nerves because both of them are smart and very capable they just don't pursue it like they should. BUT, both came home with fantastic progress reports this week! I am really proud of them for starting strong! I love my kids and they make proud! I made a point to tell both of them this over the last few days!

The kicker to all this is Cody had a try out for church band last night! He was accepted!!! For piano and guitar..... It's been a good week for the Markland kids.....Mom and I are very proud......

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