Friday, September 21, 2012

The Day Count ????????????

OK, here we go! Last week I said I would tell you about the "Day Count" at the bottom of the page. Well it's Friday and I haven't said anything yet so why not finish the week with it.

For what it's worth I will start with some of my accomplishment over the last few years. First off I got off the couch 4 years ago and started riding again after a 14 year hiatus away from bicycles. You see we got married and my wife went back to school (this is 95) and I went trucking.

At the same time we had Cody and life was good. I honestly thought I was gonna drive a truck for myself the rest of my life! Well the next 5 years went by and I was driving and Karen had finished school and was now a full time RN, she got her nursing license. Then we had Chase (2000) and Cody was 5. Well about this time Karen was kinda tired of me being gone 3-4 nights every week and she was making some money do it wasn't as important that I work so hard.

So I sold out and got a regular job. I was glad! Cody had gotten to the point he used to pitch a fit every time I went to leave so it was time to quit trucking.

Fast forward to 2008 and Cody started wanting to race bicycles. Mountain bikes to be exact! He had a buddy at school who raced and he wanted too. At first my fat ass was like, yea OK we will. Then never did! Finally I took him to the first Southern Classic Race of the year(08). He had a blast!

So did I!!!!!!!

Being there and seeing all the new bikes and just the race vib, I wanted in! I came home and pulled a bike out from under the house I had bought in 94. A Proflex356 full suspension. Totally out of date and way behind the "new curve". I had it rebuilt and started riding and racing shortly after that.

"Charlotte Summer Series" of that same year. Well I spent a few weeks in the back of the pack and then started moving toward the front. Before the end of the year I had a few medals and helped a team finish 2nd in the fall 12 hour Tree Shake Race here in Charlotte. Then that fall I did really good in the fall series at Harrisburg.

The next spring I moved up to sport class and got a new bike. Then I promptly started winning races and always finishing in the top 3! I was really doing good. The next year I even got the chance to race the 24 Hour Burn with a team and we finished 2nd in our class. Matter of fact one of my team mates from that race was Chris Wyserck my buddy who just got his pro license!

So things where good. All that happened in 08, 09, 10. Then the winter of 2010 is when I had my bad crash and really tore my leg apart. So my racing has kinda taken a back seat since that time but I still ride like crazy. I could have went back to racing full time this year but it didn't work out. It really took a full year to get my leg back right.

Fast forward to 2012. No racing plenty of riding........

Next year I plan on getting back at it full time and because of that we have had the "Day Count".


Because up until 39 days ago I have been smoking at least a pack to two packs of cigarettes a day! Yea, even with all my success racing and riding I have always hidden it at the races. That's the only reason anyone would have asked me to pull my leg in these team races. They didn't know!

If they had they wouldn't have even asked me. I would even sneak off at races and smoke a cig, that's how bad I had it!

Well a month ago, while we were at the beach I decided it was time to quit! I laid them down haven't touched a pack since!

Cold turkey!!!!

You know what, it hasn't been that hard. When your ready your ready!!!!

I am 44 years old and want to live to be a 110 so I better get right now. Living with a nurse you would think I would have a little more smarts but man those things are strong. It really is an addiction. You just have to get your head right. I picked them up when I would sit behind the wheel of that truck, for hours on end I had nothing to do.

Then when I quit driving I was hooked. I will miss them, especially when I have a beer. But I have already gotten over the urge to grab a pack so time moves on!!!!!!

I did always like the Marlboro race car......LOL.....

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