Monday, September 10, 2012

So It's Monday.....

And this is gonna be a long week! After taking off a few extra days last week and having a 5 day weekend I dread this week.

It's gonna be a full 5 days in the office and then we get another 2 days.

So after church yesterday I came home and got my shit together. We had a bunch of rain the night before so all the local trails were closed. i got my shit together and hit the road. I went out with no plan, just wanting to ride.

About 3 hours later I was home and happy. I finished the day cleaning the garage and enjoying the cool weather. I took off on the motorcycle for a quick spin and that was the day.

Fast forward to today and I come to work and my computer crashes! Hard drive failed.... Damn... I am finally back on line and hooked up! Brand new computer! I lost all my pictures but I had most of them backed up on cd's.

So today is gonna be a short and sweet post. I have been here all day and it feels like a week.......

Day 26.......

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