Thursday, September 27, 2012

Gonna Get dark..........

Tonight we meet at 7 and it's gonna get dark! I am actually pretty excited, this will be the first night ride of the year! Every fall when the day light starts dwindling it's time to get the lights out. You can feel the change in the air and it's just fun! I like night riding, it gives you a new perspective of the trail.

I don't know why we always wait till fall to start night riding we could do it year round but it just seems that's when it starts. If you want to ride during the week when the daylight starts going early you better get out the lights. Poplar is our place tonight, it's one of the few places you can ride at night, and we are losing it Monday.

So it's kinda of a good bye night ride. I plan on taking my time and getting a few pictures, and Cody is going with my. Scott is meeting us there it should be fun.

Full report tomorrow.........

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