Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bak Again................

Yea I am still here. I took a few extra days for the Labor Day weekend. Got in a bunch of riding a little bit of church and a lot of sunshine. It's been hot an it rained so hard yesterday I thought I was gonna lose my driveway.

I have never had water going over the top like I did yesterday. Today (Tuesday ) is supposed to be the same thing.

Yes I have been riding the VTX, I think I have all the bugs worked out of it now. It cut off on me the other day and my neighbor had to help me push it home but a little carb cleaner and she is back in action!

Cody and I cleaned up the Tri-cross and have it on Craigslist for sale. It's time for it to get a new home. The kids want a new 4-wheeler so something has to go.

Yep that's it! If you know anyone who would like to have it let me know. The price is right. $900 negotiable....

Next on the block is a KTM Sx 50..... Chase has outgrown it and it needs to go. This thing is a little monster! It is capable of 50 miles an hour! Yea for a 6 year old! My kid could handle it so somebody else's can too.......

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