Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wasn't gonna write today, but I have managed to come up with a few spare minutes this afternoon!

New Years was great, we had a bomb fire and fireworks! The kids had a great time shooting off all the noise makers. We had a party going on about a mile behind us and one right down the street.

Fireworks were every where! We even got the shotgun out at midnight! Chase had a ball shooting it, we had all the neighbors up! It's New Years , why not! We live in the country, you can get away with that out here!!

All you city folks are missing out!!! We know how to do it out here..

So besides that, the new year came and now we can get on with the new year! New Years eve I headed down to my favorite sand trail in Cheraw SC. I know every time I go down there I always heap the praise on the place. It's just a shame so few people ride down there.

The trails have had some maintenance recently and they were perfect! If you ever have the chance take the trip! It's worth it!!!

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