Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold and Fun................

I have finally snapped! Last night I couldn't handle it anymore, time to hit the road!

I waited till the sun went down, put the lights on the road bike and hit the road! 30 miles later I had a big smile on my face and was back at the house.

Yea the temp. was dropping, but I was decked out in all my cold riding gear, I was actually warm! The air was nice and crisp, the lights were working fine and I was happy!

I know I say this every time I ride at night on the road, but I swear it's true! People don't know what that light flashing up in front of them is. They slow down and pass you with plenty of room!

I know they are thinking "what the hell is he doing"! It's dark and cold and this idiot is riding his bicycle.
with camera flash

without camera flash

I even get the friendly "honk" too. Not the mean get out of the way "honk". The only complaint I have about riding at night would be the dogs!

They scare the hell out of you when they chase you at night! Even with the helmet light you just can't follow them. When you hear them start barking you just don't know where they are coming from!

Don't be scared, put your lights on and hit the road! I swear you will have a blast!!!!!!!

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