Monday, January 9, 2012

Now What ?????????????

I think my fight with the death virus of 2012 is coming to an end! I have one day left of my Z-pack and my head has since stopped hurting!

Things are looking up!

Saturday I went out and played with all the fast kids at Sherman Branch, Kelly Charles and Dane showed up.

First lap was fun, second lap was even more fun! I was a little weak from my sickness, but I managed to put in a decent ride! You always put in the extra effort when you have company!

Sunday I got the road bike down from the ceiling and pumped up the tires. I haven't ridin it in months! At first it was a little weird but then I got back into the swing of things. Then I had a ball! I forgot how much ground you can cover in a short period of time on them.

I am finally ready to get with the training program now, today I am going to rest but tomorrow I will be back at it.

The wife and I also went out for a walk last night! In the rain and dark, it was fun! We got wet and worked up a sweat! What else would you do on a rainy Sunday evening! Yes, I watched football!!!!

bike east no more!!!!!!
Now for the "Now What"...........Or more like "what the hell"........

For the last 3 years Bikes East has been my "sponsor" for the kids and I as far as racing goes. They have gone above and beyond helping us with our racing. They have been a great shop and I have enjoyed the guys and like being seen in our fancy uniforms.

Well guess what? Saturday the owners showed up at 5pm (closing time) and let all the guys go and closed the doors! Said they might reopen at a later date but were closing up!

Was that very nice, NO...I am a little upset, it's a little late for me to start looking for any other help for the year, although I guess I better start now!

But what about the guys who work there day in day out! Now they have no job! I don't know all the details but something just ain't adding up...........

As far as Iowa goes; This is a slight set back..I need to look at things and see if I can still make it happen. They were a big help in that plan... Now they are no help....

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