Thursday, January 26, 2012

3 Posts Ago................

Yea, 3 posts ago I said "It's Got To Get Better"! I was referring to the rainy weather!

Here comes from the rain, AGAIN...

I can't even walk across the yard without sinking up to my shoe laces! Well maybe not that deep, but I was in the yard last night and ended up with with wet socks! Yea my shoes already had holes in them but that is beside the point!

They were my yard shoes, so yea they are supposed to have holes in them! But I still would not have thought about getting wet..

Are you wondering why I was all over the yard! Good question? Well for one I live in a little valley way off the road. Actually off a well used country road!

My tree line goes all the way up to that road, guess what?

People are trashy!! Yea we have trash in the country too!! On my road, everything everybody throws out the window seems to end up in my woods! Yea MY woods...

I just picked it up about 2 weeks ago and here I am doing it again! One full kitchen trash bag!

I know we have had a few windy days here lately, hence the reason for the need to do it again but DAMN..

I feel like I work at the city dump!!!! For free..

I wonder if I put one these out by the road if anybody would use it! They would... You know how I know? look closely at the picture, on the corner of the dumpster it says "no public dumping"!

John Q Public reads that as a sign that says "IT'S OK FOR ME TO USE IT"..........

Oh yea, my wife made me clean the yard! She is having a Pampered Chef party tonight....... It was one of those nights, all I said was "yes dear"....................

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