Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Got To Get Better.................

I earned every mile I put down this weekend! Saturday I woke up to rain, with the chance of a lot of rain!
Perfect start to the weekend! So what did I do? Watched the weather forecast and decided to head south.

Cheraw SC was calling my name!

heading south....
It looked like they had less of a chance for rain so I went. I got 3 laps in and only got a few sprinkles! I would call that a good ride. With all the rain the trails were absolutely perfect! It was as fast as it has ever been.

start of the trail....

end of the trail....
Usually I see nobody down there, Saturday was the exception. I passed two trail runners and when I was about to leave 2 guys from Florence pulled up. For Cheraw that was damn near a traffic jam on the trails!
Perfect pine forest single track at it's best!

Then we have Sunday. Saturday I am riding in a jersey and shorts, then Sunday I am digging out all the riding gear I have. The temp. dropped and it was cold! I was hoping it would warm up while we went to church, not!! When I got in the car at 12:30 the car said 37 degrees. Not what I was hoping for!

20 pounds of clothes...

Home I went, I already had it in my head that I wasn't gonna ride. But the games didn't start till 3 so I had time to kill. After whining for a little while I got all my stuff out and promptly over dressed!

Here is the list of what not to wear,starting from the bottom to the top:
                                            wool socks
                                            shoe covers
                                            wool lined leggings
                                            my bib short
                                            under armor top ( long sleeve )
                                            wool jersey
                                            my new wind stopper jacket
                                            wind stopper gloves
                                            and last of all a wind block jacket

I earned that 26.39miles
Yea, that's a lot of crap! Ten miles in I was sweating like a pig! 15 miles in and I was now a Popsicle, and heading to the house! Only problem was I was still 11 from the house! After a 30 minute shower I was warm again!

To recap, I should not have worn 2 layers I had on. I didn't need the wool and damn sure didn't need the wind break jacket. I already had the wind stopper jacket on. If I had left those 2 items off I think I would have been fine....Live and learn....

I go through this every winter.. You would think I knew how to dress by now!!!!!!!

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