Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Where ??????????????

Where do I live? The last few days the weather has sucked. Monday was alright but yesterday and today have been a wash! I might go out to the truck and just cover it with soap! By this afternoon it would all be washed off! Then my truck would be clean and I won't have to do the work. Maybe I need to invent rainy day soap in a spray bottle . Spray on, leave it, clean car!

We are going to have rain all day today! I feel like I am in Ohio? The five day forecast says it's gonna get cold and stay cool throughout the day the rest of the week. At least we will have the sunshine tomorrow!!

By the time the weekend comes it will be cold and perfect! I can wait till about noon and hit the road, I like riding in that temperature zone.

I think I want to hit the road bike this weekend. I had such a good time on it the other day, I kinda miss it! I went for awhile without even touching it. It has been hanging on a hook in the rafters of the garage for weeks. I went out Sunday and just moved along in no hurry, just pedaling. It reminds you just how much ground you can cover on a road bike.

I can't even remember the last ride I took. The computer says 21 miles so I know how far I went last time! I just don't know where I went.

So "where" do I live?

"Where" have I been?

"Where is the sunshine"

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