Friday, January 20, 2012


This has been a long week for me! I can't really put my finger on the reason "why", but it's just felt that way!

It started out good and ended good, but just drug along forever! Some weeks come and go and some just hang around forever.

Looks like I will be dodging rain showers this weekend, or at least Saturday. But checkout the temp. it doesn't get any better than that in January! My plan is to hit the road bike this weekend.

I go through spells, sometimes it's the mtn bike other times its the road bike. This time of the year I always seem to end up on the road, I get tired of the wet woods. It makes a mess of your clothes and ruins your drive train!

You know what, it's gonna be warm and I got a new toy I wanted to try ! Yea, I was hoping it was gonna be cold!

I got the Wind Stopper fleece pull over for riding. This thing is sweet, I wore it around the house last night just for the hell of it!

I have had the gloves for a long time and they are the shizzle! My hands never get cold! I have ridin on a 32 degree day in the rain and my hands stayed warm! I figured if the gloves work that well the pullover has to be the bomb!!!! 

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