Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hump day...

That's about it! Slow at work and rained last night at the house. We went grocery shopping and came home.

Very exciting evening! Although we got home and I rode the bike to the store, needed beer. When I got back to the house the bottom fell out!

I mean at the moment I walked into the garage it started pouring! If I had been 5 seconds later I would have been drenched!

So things have a way of working out! Every once in awhile the stars line up in your favor. Better mark my calender and next year at this given time I need to buy a lottery ticket!

If that is my luckiest day of the year I want to take advantage of it!
view from the top!

No, I didn't take these shots. I found them and they reminded me of a tower I used to climb when I was younger. There used to be a forest tower down near Lake Wylie. We would spend the day on the lake and head to the tower in the evening. It was cool to watch the sunset from up there.

They tore it down several years ago so it is no longer. If it was I would take the kids down there in a heart beat. They would love it!

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