Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still Raining...........

I went to bed thinking I was gonna wake up and see the sunshine. NOT....

Instead I woke up to the same crap I went to bed with, that's not what I wanted! If I wanted to live in Ohio I would move to Ohio. (no offense to Ohio) But the weather looks like this all winter in OHIO..

Oh well, last night I spent the evening taking apart and servicing a bike. Why am I mentioning this you ask?

Because no good deed goes unpunished! Why do I say that, because it's true. A few posts ago I made mention I had given away a few bikes. Well I did, trying to be nice! The mtn bike went out the door no problem!

The road bike, different story! I figured I would give it away and it would disapear and never come back! That might have worked if I had given it to a bike mechanic. I sent it out the door and didn't really even give it the once over.

Not to good.... Now that I have taken the time to do what I should have done to begin with I have realized how bad I neglected it to begin with! Man, everything needed some love!

Right now it's in about 20 pieces! The brake calipers had to be completely disassembled and the bottom bracket same thing! New bar tape, and the wheels are so whacked up I need to take them to the shop and have them straightened out.

I swear the kid must have been riding it on a half pipe! You know what's funny about this, Cody never even mentioned how crappy the bike was to ride! I would have been bitching about it from the start! So I will get the wheels back in a few days and out the door it will go.

Never to be seen again!!!!!!! I hope...............

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