Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bike Talk..........

Lately I have been rambling on about everything, with the bikes taking up little space in my posts. But today we are going to get back to bikes!

Somebody here at work asked me yesterday where I was on the touring bike.

Well after a little thought I realized I am further along than I thought! At the present time I have managed to get everything I need to take a short 1-2 night trip!

I managed to get all my gear together and haven't even realized it! That's a good thing!

As you can see, I have the back bags and lights. This has been the beer run set up for awhile! I also have my top tube bag.

Now that Christmas came, I have a stove and thermarest. I already have the tent and sleeping bag! All I need now is the little things. The stuff I would take anyway.

About the only thing I need to do now is research my food options! I like to eat and if I ride 70-80miles in a day I sure ain't gonna eat beeny weenie's...

I do need the little light weight camp pot and pan but that's it!

I will be able to hit the road!!!!

Now, where the hell do I want to go?????

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