Monday, January 16, 2012

Road It Was........................

All weekend, Saturday Glen came down and we meet at Rock Rest. The road is blocked the way I like to head out from there.

Even though they are redoing the bridge! I still like to meet there and go. The traffic down that way is like non existent! I always like low traffic volume. So we went out and did 41 miles total.

From Rock Rest to Marshville, halfway to Peachland, from there we headed back to Marshville , then headed out Landsford Rd. Went down to the Old Hargett store got a drink and snack. Then headed back to Camden rd and came all the way back to Gilboa. Then straight shot to Rock Rest.
Union county cows !!!!!!

Yep, we saw buffalo! You never know what you will see in Union county!

Right on the side of the road, there they where. Just 4 strands of electric fence between us and them! If they wanted out they could come out no problem!

About the only other thing I shot a picture of was Cody and Katie Saturday night.Maggie had her 16th birthday and it was a semi-formal. So the kids got dressed up and headed out.

Cody and Katie.....
That was about it for my weekend, I didn't let the weather keep me from having a good time.

The temp was cold but not to bad. People thought we where crazy when we stopped at the store.

No, we didn't make it out to the Short Track Series. My buddy Kelly went and finished....That's about all he had to say!!!!!

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