Friday, January 27, 2012


I think that is my favorite title for a post! The reason is obvious.. Who doesn't love Friday!!!!!!!

How could you not? I work all week for this and am always glad when it gets here!!

On to the party! Wine was drank and food was had, although I drank beer! My original plan was to go to the bar and watch the game, I ended up staying home and hiding in the garage.

I was gonna take the kid and go to Big Bob's restaurant and watch the game, but one of the mom's brought her son and he wanted to play at the house.

Plans change! Besides I wouldn't have been able to drink if that had worked out!

So I worked on bikes and drank beer in hiding. I really didn't care about the game anyway, and it was a crappy game anyway! Nobody cares about Carolina and NC State! At least not in my house..

Now for the weekend! I have one thing left to do before I get rid of the "boomerang bike". The parts came in yesterday and I will finish it tonight.

Yea that's right, I am paying money to fix a bike I am giving way! No, that doesn't make any since but most of what I do doesn't make any since anyway, so it is what it is!!!

Of course I will still to the fat man riding thing.......Have a good weekend............

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