Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Like Snow...........

But I love this weather! Got the bike in the back of the truck and Sherman on my mind!

Also got the camera!

I plan on upsetting the natives today! I am gonna pull a Scott-T!!

That's right I am gonna ride the place backwards.. In reverse::: THE WRONG WAY!!!!

I am such a rebel! You only live once and what the hell..

I know the consequences, public ridicule on the local trail forum?

What shame!!! I will hold my head high and face the wrath.. If you see me, don't get your feelings hurt when I am jaming out with my head phones on and pay you no attention!!

Nothing personal!!!!

Seriously, I have never ridin Sherman backwards and always wanted too! I will take my time and pay attention as to not get in any one's way but I am gonna give it try.

Hence the camera, every trail looks different from the other direction..

So tomorrow I will post up with the reverse pics...Stay tuned..

That's right big things are coming........

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