Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You Learn Something Everyday.......

Then some days you learn a lot. Kelly showed up and swam with me this morning. 4:40am he was texting me, get up lets go. So I went ahead and got up. Did my routine and out the door I went. 5:20am I was in the pool, by the time he got there I had already done 200 yards.

Well Kelly has done a few triathlons and has a lot more experience with swimming than I do. So I listen when he has something to say about my technique. I learned more today than I have yet. The first time I went he meet me and gave me some good pointers to start with. Today he kinda gave me some updates and pointers. Being I have been swimming for a month now what he had to say made a lot more sense.

I actually understand what he means and can kind of apply it to my stroke. Long story short I felt like I got a lot more done this morning, I only took 2 lengths for a break today. Usually I do a lap or 2 and need to float back for a rest. Today I swam 1050 yards and only had 2 rest lengths! For me that's damn good!

With him there it pushed me to do more and he even had me doing sprints! My best time for a lap was 45 seconds! Michael Phelps would be proud! Or at least he would get a good laugh out of it.. Point is I have now swam for 4 out of the last five days! Not bad for one month in...

On a side note I signed up my youngest son Chase for the foot race this weekend! Chase doesn't really care to mountain bike very often and he has expressed an interest in running so I thought this would be fun for both of us. When I got home and told him he was going he seemed to be pretty excited! That kind of surprised me, maybe this will be the sport that he and I connect on and do together. I will see how things go this weekend and then we will go from there. I have already found another race for the weekend of the 2nd.

Who knows we might be there......

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