Thursday, January 24, 2013

Base Line.......... 204lbs ........

OK, I have to admit we have no scales in our house. The last one we had broke about a year ago and we never replaced it. That's probably not a good ideal, everybody should have a scale in the bathroom. Help keep you honest!

So with that being said I really had no ideal how much (if any) weight I had managed to loose. The last time I was at the doctor was about 6-7 weeks ago and the scale said 218. That was kinda like my eye opener! I was there because I was sick and I decided right then it was time to get real about loosing some weight.

I knew I was feeling a little better and clothes where fitting a little better so I knew I was doing something. But just how much I wasn't quit sure. Of course I started by riding my bike more and then I finally started swimming. Then to top it off I did the trail race Saturday. I can almost walk and I think I might be able to run tomorrow.

All that said, Kelly told me where the scale was at the aquatic center. I climbed aboard and sure enough it confirmed what I thought.


Now I have a base line! AND a long way to go..... Target weight 175...

As of right now I have exercised everyday except two so far this new year, 22/24. Not a bad average! I am slipping some two a day, days in and as soon as my legs are back I will be running on a regular schedule. Yesterday I swam and then went night riding last night. Then this morning I swam again. If everything works out I will be in the woods again tonight.

Top it off with a swim in the AM and my week will be complete. Now for the weekend, I want to run and ride. We are registered for a 5k next weekend in Waxhaw and I want to prepare a little better for it.  That way I can use my time from that and get an ideal how much faster I will get as I loose weight. I got a feeling there will be a lot of running in my future this year.......

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