Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Miss It.................

This morning I found myself swimming away and thinking about my bike! I feel like I haven't had a ride in about a month.. Yes I rode Sunday, but the weather has been totally screwed up since. The temp has been perfect for riding but it's so wet it will probably be a month before we can get in the woods.

Then they claim it's gonna possibly snow this evening. I doubt that, but it would be cool! That means it's gonna get cold again. Then the sun will come out and we can ride in the cold sunshine! Oh well, if I can ride again I will be happy.

I will swim tomorrow, I swam all week. I have to go tomorrow just so I can say I went all week. I had 800 yards this morning so that plus yesterday and the rest of the week gives me a total of 3600 yards so far. Add another 800 tomorrow and I will have like 4400 yards! That is like two and a half miles!

Again I have only been doing this for a month now! I start running this weekend so that will start another chapter. I love opening new books and seeing what's on the other side. I look forward to running the trails before long. It's gonna be fun! I hope to get up to at least 10 miles a week before very long.

That would have me swimming 3 days a week, riding 2 nights a week plus weekends and running a couple of times. All ya got to do is get off your ass and do it........

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